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Life in the Kingdom: Set Your Mind on Things Above
How do we set our minds on Things Above?
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How do we set our minds on things above?
Paul wrote the letter to the new Gentile Church in Colassae from his prison cell in Rome, where Epaphras brought him word of certain heresies that the Judaizers were telling the Colossian Chrictians. The heresies were that certain Old Testament levitical Laws needed to be obeyed in addition to accepting Jesus' death and resurrection for salvation. The purpose of the letter was to guide the Colossian Christians away from these heresies and toward Jesus death and resurrection as the only way to salvation.
Paul mentions certain things in verses from our earthly nature that we are to "put to death" (vs 5, 8 & 9) but these are not required for Salvation, they are part of a process called Sanctification, in which the Holy Spirit makes us more like Jesus. This process continues all our life until we either die and go to be with Jesus, or He returns.
Paul answers our question about how to set our minds on things above in verse 16 where he says, "16 Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly..." That happens when we stay in the WORD. Since Jesus is the WORD made flesh, staying in the WORD keeps us focused on Jesus. That's how we set our minds on things above!
The account of David and Goliath in 1 Samuel Chapter 17 gives us an example of the benefits of setting our minds on things above. Israel's army was focused on the earthly wisdom of Goliath's size, strength and weapons. David was focused on God and the truth of His WORD.
When I get away from the WORD, skipping my morning devotion time for other things that seem more urgent and begin listening to other voices, the circumstances of life can seem overwhelming. When that happens, I confess it, receive the forgiveness that Jesus won for me on the cross and in the empty tomb and get back into my routine of morning Bible study and prayer.
Find a time and resource that works best for you. I find that the morning is best, and I use the Concordia publication called "Today's Light" as my study guide.
I begin my morning's devotions with Luther's prayer to receive the WORD: "Eternal God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ, grant us Your Holy Spirit Who writes the preached Word into our hearts so that we may receive and believe it, and be gladdened and comforted by it in eternity. Glorify Your Word in our hearts so that we may find pleasure in it, and through Your inspiration think what is right. By Your power fulfill the Word, for the sake of Jesus Christ, Your Son, our Lord. Amen."

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