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Breaking the Cycle
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Description: We are creatures of habit. We tend to do the same things
over and over. It's common for us to frequent the same stores, restaurants
and other familiar places. It's more problematic when we get stuck in bad
habits and unhealthy cycles in our own lives. Without intentional work to
change the way we think, we can get stuck in broken ways of living. That
was the case for the religious leaders that Jesus was confronting; they were repeating the sinful behavior cycle of their ancestors by rejecting
Jesus' authority and message. As a result they were stuck on a path that
would lead to destruction. Jesus offers us a chance to receive the grace we
need to escape cycles of brokenness in our own lives, and if we trust Him
in faith, we'll see Him do the same in our world.
I. We often get stuck in cycles of brokenness
Unless we make an intentional break with the brokenness of our past, we
are likely to do the same thing with the same results.
II. Resisting God's grace keeps us stuck
How do we resist God's grace?
1. We resist grace by ignoring the problem
2. We resist grace by rejecting input
3. We resist grace by relying on ourselves to change
No sin is greater than the sin of unbelief,
For if union with Christ is the greatest good
Unbelief is the greatest sin...
Keep me from all things that turn to unbelief
Or lack of felt union with Christ
- Puritan prayer, "Union with Christ" (from The Valley of Vision)
III. The grace of Jesus allows us to break the cycle
We receive God's grace by:
1. Acknowledging the problem
2. Receiving a word from the Lord
3. Relying on Jesus
IV. God's work in our life involves productive pain
ONE BIG THING: If we will endure, God will do His renewing work IN us and THROUGH us.

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