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Flawed | Week 5
The Story of Rahab | Rev. Jayne Rideout
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  • St. Andrew's United Methodist Church
    3315 S Bryan Rd, Brandon, FL 33511, USA
    dimanche 8:15 AM, dimanche 9:45 AM, dimanche 11:15 AM

The Old Testament is an important tool in shaping our faith. In it we can find many examples of very flawed and imperfect people who God used to do perfect and incredible things. God sees potential in us that we can often miss altogether. During this 5-week series we will explore various stories in scripture to remind us that God intends to use all of us, regardless of our shortcomings.

Rahab by profession was a prostitute. She was also a smart businesswoman who loved her family and recognized the hand of God when she was seeing it. The story of Rahab is as much about the promise of God to the nation of Israel as it is about a woman trying to spare her family. Her understanding of God’s faithfulness can inspire us to remember that God loves all people and expresses His grace to all who will believe in Him. In a time when women often were powerless, Rahab used her business savvy to trick a king, save the lives of Israeli spies, and help open up the promised land of Canaan to the nation of Israel.


Traditional Worship Services | 8:15 & 11:15 a.m.
Welcome, Announcements & Greet Time
Opening Hymn: #73 vs 1,2,4 - O Worship the King [8:15]
Offering Our Praise: This is the Day [11:15]
Modern Creed
Gloria Patri: #71 - Glory Be to the Father
Pastoral Prayer With The Lord's Prayer
Celebration of Stewardship
Offertory/Special Music: If You Could See Me Now (Marshall Gillon, bass and Robert Jarosh, piano)
Doxology: #95 - Praise God, From Whom All Blessings Flow [8:15]
Doxology: To God be the Glory [11:15]
Prayer of Thanksgiving
Hymn: #557 vs. 1,3,4 - Blest Be the Tie That Binds
Hymn Sing
Congregational Benediction: May the Lord, Mighty God

Contemporary Worship Service | 9:45 a.m.
Welcome and Announcements
This Is Amazing Grace
Revelation Song
Lord, I Need You
Holy Communion
O Come To The Alter
You Never Let Go


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