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LIFE - Romans 8:1-8
We all have it. But we don’t all experience the real life that God makes available. How do you know if you are living the life that God intends? Instead of looking outward, you will need to look in a different direction.
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    Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 10:45 AM
I. God gives life to Jesus’ followers- vv. 1-4
• No condemnation
• Freedom from the law of sin and death
• Through Christ, God did what the Law could not do
• Through Christ, we fulfill the requirements of the Law
• We now live by the Spirit
II. Your thought life reveals whether or not you are really living- vv. 5-8
• Fleshly thinking reveals death (hostile, un- submissive, non-pleasing to God)
• Godly thinking reveals life
Bottom Line: Live la vida plena, not la vida loca
Questions To Consider
According to verse 1-4, what things do Christians receive from God. Why are these things so valuable?

According to verses 5-8, what distinguishes a Christian from a non-Christian?

Describe the life that is offered in verse 6.
Melodic Line of Romans
Jesus is the prophesied and revealed Messiah whose gospel-accomplishing life, death, and resurrection saves His beloved people, chosen out from all the world, to an obedience of faith, for the glory of His name.