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WHAT'S THE POINT? Sower, Seeds, & Soil
Discussion Guide: Week 2
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  • The Summit Church
    Sunday 6:30 PM
Use this space to take your general notes during the message.
We are continuing to discuss several of the most famous stories that Jesus shared with us. This week, we dive into the Parable of the Farmer Scattering Seed. Let's explore how this parable applies to our lives today.
Have you ever noticed how people from the same environment can differ in so many ways? We see evidence of this in many situations. Share an example of 2 family members you know that are very different.
Jesus used this parable to illustrate various ways we receive and apply His teachings. Read Matthew 13:1-9. Discuss how the 4 soils produced 4 different outcomes.
Jesus goes on to explain that the seed represents His teaching and God's Word. The soils represent the hearts and minds of people and how they hear and receive it. Have someone in your group slowly read Matthew 13:19-23 and discuss the 4 soils.
In light of all of this, "What's the Point?" Pastor Jonathan shares 4 phrases that depict today's "soils". How do you hear yourself in each of these examples?
-I don't need it: don't get it, "what's the point?", why
-It's not working for me too hard, not realistic, not worth it
-I've got so much going on: not a good time, maybe another season, one day...
-I'm ready to grow: learn, change, and become more like Jesus
We need to become more self-aware because we deceive ourselves easily. Our response should be I'm ready to grow. Next time you hear a sermon or read The Bible, what are some steps that you can take to be more responsive to the work of God's spirit in you?
In light of this message and discussion, how can you be praying over your group members this week?