Life Bridge Christian Church
Mission Sunday // God’s Glory Among the Nations
Locations & Times
  • Life Bridge Christian Church
    2496 Glendale Ave, Green Bay, WI 54313, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM
Description: The Scriptures tell one grand story from beginning to end with
different threads that weave together throughout. One of these is the golden thread of God’s glory; His plan since the beginning of creation to
bring about glory for His name by saving people from every tribe, tongue,
and nation. This is the great mission of the Church, one that we are all
called to be a part of. God has blessed us so that in Christ, we can bring
His blessings to the whole world! This week, we’ll hear more about how
every one of us can be part of God’s glorious mission!
1. God blesses us in order to make us a blessing to the world around us
“Are we going to be blessed to be blessed or are we going to
be blessed to be a blessing?”
2. The best preparations we can make for Jesus’ return is to share
the blessings of Jesus by making disciples of the nations
3. We will be blessed when we persevere even through opposition
One big thing: God has chosen you to bring the blessings of Jesus across the street and across the world

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