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-Jesus wasn’t a machine. He took care of his physical and mental health! He napped! He had a pillow!
-Jesus experienced weariness too! When he stopped to rest and slow down, God brought a new ministry opportunity his way! (The woman at the well and many in her village came to faith!)
- Jesus modelled the importance of resting, eating and taking care of himself and his disciples
-Jesus needed people close to him when he was going through this stressful situation. I find it really encouraging here that JESUS ASKED FOR HELP! JESUS ASKED FOR SUPPORT! Jesus knew when he needed help and wasn’t afraid to ask for it.

Do you have the kind of relationship with others where you can ask them for help and support?

Do you have a close relationship with other believers where you can be open and honest about your struggles and stresses?

That kind of thing doesn’t magically happen- it comes when we invest in friendships and invest in church community.
3. Jesus prioritized spiritual rest and renewal.
-In Matthew 4, when Jesus faced temptation in the wilderness, he remembered and quoted Scripture three times to help himself stand strong.

-Jesus modelled devoting time to care for his spiritual health…and it was through those times when he seemed to hear more clearly from God, was energized to continue to minister to others, and where he experienced a new resolve to do the right thing even when it was hard.
4. There's such a thing as TOO MUCH rest.
-Jesus was asking for help—he was looking for the support from his friends, but in his time of need, they couldn’t keep their eyes open! They weren’t there when he needed them the most!
In 1 Corinthians 12, Paul gives us this picture of the church as being like a human body--- and how all of the people who make up the church have unique gifts, skills, and abilities that can help the church do what it’s meant to do, just like how all of the parts in our bodies work together in unison.

-when we’re missing parts, we’re not at our healthiest or strongest.

-What does God want you to do? How does he want you to be involved in the life and health of the church? Do you have a real sense of purpose and fulfillment--where you feel that you’re doing the things that God wants you do?

-Instead of being tiring, those kinds of things can be life-giving and rejuvenating.

-When each one of us is an active part of the Body of Christ, we’ll be healthier and will be there to support and strengthen each other


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