First Baptist Owasso
Submit Together
A meme is a picture, video, or piece of text shared over and over again that communicates an idea or feeling that people have together. Memes illustrate moments for people when words just aren’t enough. They can be funny, serious, or pointed. In Scripture, some principles are so rich in meaning that God paints multiple pictures to help us understand the significance of His desire for us. Submissiveness is a quality of character that God celebrates and invites every believer to practice. Through a series of pictures in Scripture, God helps us understand the strength and confidence that comes when we submit to Him.
Locations & Times
  • First Baptist Owasso
    13307 E 96th St N, Owasso, OK 74055, USA
    Sunday 9:30 AM, Sunday 11:00 AM
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    Sunday 9:30 AM, Sunday 11:00 AM

About our church.

We exist to love all people to Christ and equip them on their journey with God and one another. We believe Jesus Christ is the hope of the world and the church is His plan for sharing that hope with the world. We love to worship God, explore His Word, encourage one another, and serve our community. There is nothing we enjoy more than seeing people discover new life in Jesus Christ as they experience the love of God through us and Him!
If you would like to know more about who we are and what we do or if you would like to watch the series that goes along with this Event check out the link provided below.
Submission is when I YIELD my WILL to your WILL so we WILL honor God and one another together.
When we are UNIFIED people recognize Jesus.
Everyone utilizes their gifts.
Concern for others is obvious.
Learning from one another is a willing choice.
KINDNESS in CONFLICT points people to Jesus.
Blessing others is progressive.
Truthful words produce good days.
God pays attention to the way we live.
#theMissionLife Challenge: By the end of the day, address the unresolved conflicts in your life.

Let us pray for you.

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You can help too.

Now more than ever, people in our community need the people of God to faithfully serve with the unexplainable confidence that only comes from Him. Through theMission Center, we share the love of Jesus as we partner people who have things with people who need things. Donations of food and daily essentials are being received at theMission Center during regular operating hours: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
You can always give online by clicking the link or texting any amount to 84321.