Grace Point Church
Revelation: The Blessing (Chapter 1)
Eleven weeks through the Book of Revelation.
Locations & Times
  • Grace Point Church of Lake Norman (Lowe's YMCA)
    170 Joe Knox Ave, Mooresville, NC 28117, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM
  • Grace Point Church of Lake Norman (Online Campus)
    Sunday 9:00 AM
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Key Point #1: The Book of Revelation begins with a blessing (cf. Rev. 1:1-3). #Revelation
Preterist: addresses details and events in the first century.
Idealism: addresses timeless truths, but not history.
Historicism: addresses a chronicle timeline of church history.
Futurism: addresses future events at the end of history and leading into the eternal state.
A. Ephesus: The apostolic church that wandered in love (30-100AD).
B. Smyrna: The persecuted church that remained true in the midst of great trials (100-316AD).
C. Pergamos: The state church that compromised with the world (316-500AD).
D. Thyatira: The church that was entirely corrupt (500-1500AD).
E. Sardis: The church of the reformation (1500-1700AD).
F. Philadelphia: The church that had revival and missionary outreach (1700-1900AD).
G. Laodicea: The lukewarm church that stopped caring and compromised (1900 to present).
Key Point #2: The Book of Revelation reveals that God is keenly aware of each church (cf. Rev. 1:4-8). #Revelation
Key Point #3: The Book of Revelation reveals the glorified Christ (cf. Rev. 1:9-20). #Revelation
NOTE: There are 404 verses in Revelation. There are 285 direct quotes from the Old Testament and 550 references to things of the Old Testament. A solid understanding of the Old Testament is essential to understanding the Book of Revelation.
One Last Thought: Grace Point is committed to being a place where the Great Commission and the Great Commandment come together. That's a grace point. #Revelation

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