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Antichrist and the Victory of the People of God
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Description: Many people have all sorts of preconceived ideas about what we mean when we say the word "antichrist." Images of a one-world government and global catastrophe are commonly associated with it. In this passage, Daniel is unsettled as he sees suffering and an antichrist figure in his vision. While it leaves him rattled, God gives him some astounding promises that are for us to lay hold of as well. If we worship Jesus, then we can endure suffering and even the world's many antichrists because we know we share in the victory of our glorious King Jesus. In this week's
message we will explore why and how we need to endure.
"The goal of Biblical apocalyptic is not to say 'the end is near,' but more of
'how do we get through assuming that it's not.'" - Iain Duguid
Three reasons from the text why we NEED endurance

1. We need endurance because knowing the future cannot gives us
MYTH - We believe that if we KNEW the future we wouldn't feel fear
Three reasons from the text why we NEED endurance

2. We need endurance because the future will involve suffering
Jesus does not promise to save us from suffering
Is YOUR Jesus big enough to suffer for?
Three reasons from the text why we NEED endurance

3. We need endurance because the future may involve antichrists
In Scripture, antichrist is:
a. An historical figure who really existed
b. A TYPE (or role) that is often fulfilled and played out in our
Examples of TYPES
- Gog and Magog"
Every tyrant who oppresses the Church and opposes Jesus will one day be
Three reasons we should HAVE endurance

1. We can endure because we share in the Kingdom of Jesus
Three reasons we should HAVE endurance

2. We can endure because evil has an expiration date
Suffering will last for A time
The comfort of Jesus will last for ALL time.
Three reasons we should HAVE endurance

3. We can endure because God has judged in our favor
Gospel promises from Daniel's vision:
- Even though we are all guilty of sin, in Christ we are judged innocent
- Even though WE should be the ones paying out damages for
sin, we are the ones who receive a reward
One Big Thing: Jesus wins. Jesus is worthy. Stay faithful

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