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Sunday Morning Service
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Isaiah 11-12:6
“When Jesus Comes”
1. Who is the greatest person of change? WHEN JESUS COMES!
2. Isaiah 11-12:6 Jesus is coming again!

I. HIS PLATFORM 11:1-5 The Coming Prince
He is qualified!
A. The Root of Him 1
1. Then a shoot will spring from the stem of Jesse. The tree of David is
felled (6:13). It is an allusion to a cut down a tree and up comes
another oak or popular tree from the seeming decayed stump. Jesse
and not David is named. Jesse is David’s father. A Greater than David
is coming from this line.
2. A Branch shall grow out of his roots. Messiah would come. Out of the
root of David speaks of God lowering Himself to become a human.
Stem is something cut down. Root is something hidden or covered.
Jesse lived in Bethlehem. Bethlehem was the least among the
thousands of Judah.
B. The Rest on Him 2
The Spirit of the LORD shall rest on Him. In one short phrase a reference to
three persons of the God head is given: Spirit…Him…Lord. This One will
be fully man and fully God. His reign will be undertaken in the power of the
Holy Spirit. Rest on Him…Rest permanently and perfectly on Him. The
triad of the Spirit:
1.The Spirit of wisdom and understanding This One will be perfect making right decisions and will have insight into the nature of all things.
2.The Spirit of counsel and might This One will possess intellect and authority.
3.The Spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord When Jesus comes there is an intimate knowledge and an awesomeness of God prevails. These are characteristics of perfect leadership. To a limited measure these operate in us in the same way when we know Jesus Christ as our Savior.
C. The Rule of Him 3
1. Fear of the Lord…the awesomeness of God is revealed and revered.
2. Make Him of quick understanding…Delight has the idea of scent or
smell. The fear of the Lord shall be the fragrance of Him.
3.With perfect knowledge…He will no judge by natural means. The emphasis is on divine omniscience.
D. The Righteousness of Him 4-5
In perfect righteousness…God knows right and what God does is right.
1.Righteousness shall girdle His loins This is in preparation for battle.
2.The wicked must refer to the Antichrist and the False prophet and their ways. Wrongs will be made right. That man of sin is the supreme object of worship. (II Thes. 2) No enemy can stand against the Lord Jesus. Two characteristics of this Messiah: Righteousness and Faithfulness. Great Is Thy Faithfulness.

II. HIS PERFORMANCE 11:6-10 The Coming Peace
He changes everything and makes them new!
A. Over Nature 6-8
1. All things will be reconciled. (Col. 1:19, 20)
2. Everything will be changed when Jesus comes and we ourselves also.
(Rom. 8:18-22)
3. Read vss. 6-8 as we view the Millennial reign of Christ.
B. Over Human Nature 9
1. The whole earth shall be full of the knowledge of Him…as the ocean is
over the ocean floor!
2. Everything, everywhere, and everyone shall know Him by experience.
C. Over Nations 10
1. The Root (v. 1) (the Messiah) shall stand as a banner. The Root is no
longer underground, but is lifted up and is visible. Peoples are Gentiles.
Gentiles may glorify God for His mercy. (Rom. 15:11, 12) His resting
place will be glorious.
2.God always has had the whole world in view…If I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me!

III. HIS PEOPLE 11:11-16 The Coming People
He draws people to Himself and then changes them!
A. He Recovers 12 No More Dispersion This is the second time to
recover. The first is in v. 16. The outcasts and the dispersed are His
B. He Restores 13-15 No More Division
1. Division of Families 13
2. Division by Fears 14 Then he names: Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey
C. He Renews 16 No More Distance There shall be a highway…like
when we were brought out of Egypt. Egypt is a type of sin and can apply
to us!

In that day…what do you say?
A. Praise 1-3
1. The Center of Praise 1a O Lord, I will praise Thee. God does it.
It’s all grace!
2. The Comfort of Praise 1b Thine anger is turned away, You give
me comfort!
3. The Character of Praise 2
He is my everything…All that I want is in Jesus. He satisfies, joy. He
supplies. Life would be worthless without Him. All things in Jesus I
find. A) My Salvation B) My Strength C) My Song
4. The Conclusion of Praise 3 Therefore…with joy shall you draw
water out of the wells of salvation. Are you drawing water out of the
wells of your salvation?
B. Proclamation 4-6
The emphasis here is on the testimony to others. Declare among the
people…mention all the earth. The note of praise becomes stronger and
1. Say 4
2. Sing 5
3. Shout 6
Jesus Has Come!
Has Jesus come into your life? When He does your life will change!

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