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The book of First Corinthians
Part 1 - Divisions
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Main reason why this 2000 year old letter addressing the Corinthian church is so SADLY applicable to the modern church is that at the core the issue is the same: Selfishness.
It is a practical address of the spiritual battle between self and Christ, flesh and Spirit.
KEY: Throughout the epistle there is a common root of self:

Chapter 1-4: Divisions
Chapter 5-7: Sexual Immorality
Chapter 8-10: Judgementalism
Chapter 11-16: Gathering and Resurrection
The main challenge to the Corinthians was to live out what they professed to believe. It is easy to fall into the trap of saying one thing, thinking your life is reflecting what you say, but living out something that is contrary to what Christ wants.
The essence of 1 Corinthians is replacing SELF with CHRIST.
Security Established

READ: 1:2; 1:10-12; 1:18 and 1:21-25
Glory in the Lord

READ: 1:29, 31; 2:1-5
Get to know yourself

READ: 2:11-12
ASK YOURSELF: “Is this worth changing the focus from Christ to self? Is this worth fracturing the unity we have to work so hard to keep?”

Is Christ exalted, or my cause? My issue? My insecurity? My sensitivity? My comfort?

1 Corinthians Overview

Watch this overview on the book of 1 Corinthians, which breaks down the structure of the book. Paul shows how all of life’s complexities can be solved by replacing self with Christ.