Cornerstone Community Church
God is the Standard of GOOD
Speaker: Pastor Nate Herrlin
Locations & Times
  • CCC meeting at Bethel Church of the Nazarene
    125 Koffee Ln, Kutztown, PA 19530, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM

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God is the Standard of GOOD
Luke 18:18-30

Week #1: God is beyond us in SCOPE.
Week #2: God is beyond us in MAGNIFICENCE.
Week #3: God is beyond us in AUTHORITY.
Week #4: God is beyond us in GOODNESS.
Don’t COMMIT ADULTERY ~ Commandment #7

Don’t MURDER ~ Commandment #6

Don’t STEAL ~ Commandment #8.

Don’t LIE ~ Commandment #9.

HONOR YOUR PARENTS ~ Commandment #5

We can't be God's treasured possession until He is our treasured possession.

If the emphasis is on losing people in this age for the Kingdom, what might the Kingdom reward consist of in the age to come?
The blessing God has for those who have released their grip on what is most precious to them is a returned blessing of that which is most precious to God.
The process of “release and receive” is the process that makes us holy in the eyes of God.
My NEXT STEP with God this week:

- Am I trusting in my own goodness (like the ruler) or is my faith in Jesus’ goodness (like Zacchaeus) as my only hope for holiness?

- Is there anything in my life (a possession, position, or person) that has such a hold on my heart that I wouldn't give it up for the Kingdom of God?

- What sacrifice have I made that reflected my heart truly belongs to God?