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Armies, Battles, and Fear
Dan DeRoche | Revelation 9
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Take Away: While the righteous will suffer in this life, it is not even close to the suffering the wicked will experience in the last days right before final judgment.
Take Away: The sufferings for the wicked (people who reject God) at this point on earth are driven by an evil army of terror, power, and horror.
Take Away: Don’t worry Christian, you will never be overpowered by Satan or evil. Evil will not triumph over good.
Take Away: There is every opportunity to repent in the partial judgments we see, but the wicked do not repent.
“It is a fear that leans toward the Lord, because of His very goodness. It is the sort of fear that has in it the very essence of love, and without which there would be no joy even in the presence of God.” - C.H. Spurgeon
“The fear that pleases God is not a groveling, or shrinking fear. He is no tyrant. It is an ecstasy of love and joy that senses how overwhelmingly kind and magnificent, good and true God is.” - Michael Reeves

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