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Isaiah 9:8-10:4
“When God Judges A Nation”

1. America is slowly, but surely dismissing God.
2. When does God judge a nation?
3. Isaiah 9:8-10:4 Israel had forgotten God, and judgment was about to fall. Israel had 4

When does God judge a nation? 4 Failures:
I. A FAILURE TO CONFESS 9:8-12 Impenitence (v. 13)
They failed to recognize and acknowledge God chastening hand. They did not repent! It
led to disaster.
A. God Sends 8
1. God sent a word…There is a standard, an authority.
2. The Word of God is absolute truth. We move away from His Word. We won’t listen
or follow His Word. We have no compass, guide or road map.
B. God Sees 9-10
1. There is a basic problem: Pride and arrogance of heart.
2. Bricks fall down…We will build with hewn stone. Sycamores are cut down…we will
change them to cedar. They would build something bigger and something better!
3. The people aren’t thinking about the meaning of adversity. They laugh it off. They
see setbacks as opportunities to rebuild and improve.
4. WW I, Depression, WW II, Korean War, Vietnam, 9/11, Border Crisis, Inflation,
Violence in our cities, CRT, LGBTQ…We never see God’s hand. We become more
and more materialistic. We leave God out more and more with each generation.
5. How the great democracies triumphed, and so were able to resume the follies which
had so nearly cost them their life. (Winston Churchill final vol. WW II).
C. God Sets 11-12
His hand is outstretched. They will not repent (v. 13)
1. God will set us in a fix that we cannot fix!
2. The Assyrians…the Lord raises them up. The Lord matches their arrogance and
pride, newly erected buildings, freshly planted trees by raising up a nervous bread
3. God resists the pride! His hand is outstretched. They will not repent! (v. 13)

When does God judge a nation?
II. A FAILURE IN CONFIDENCE 9:13-17 Irresponsibility
Impenitence led to irresponsibility of leadership.
A. The Leaders’ Future 14-15
1. Head they are the civil leaders.
2. Tail they are the religious leaders.
3. The Lord will cut off Israel.
B. The Leaders’ Failure 16
Those who guide are leading them astray
Those who are guided are brought to confusion
1. The political leaders of America have led us astray. They have bankrupt America of
moral values and then wonder why teens are so confused. They are turning America
into a secular, socialist society.
2. The religious leaders of America have let us astray. An Atheist In The Pulpit…What
Happens When Religious Leaders Lose Faith? (Psychology Today Jan/Feb 2008)
3.Those who are guided are brought to confusion.
C. The Leader’s Folly 17
Therefore, the Lord shall have no joy…Everyone is a godless hypocrite and evil
doer…every mouth speaks folly. His hand is outstretched (in judgment)!

When does God judge a nation?
III. A FAILURE TO CONTROL 9:18-21 Insatiability
When morals and values based on God’s Word goes, wickedness burns like a raging,
out of control fire. Wickedness…‘Especially moral corruption’
A. It Devours 18 Everything in its path.
B. It Darkens 19
1. Through the wrath of the Lord…the land is darkened! The light is going out in
America. We are under the judgment of God!
2. The people shall be a fuel for the fire…Families will be divided and destroyed by the
moral decay!
C. It Divides 20-21
1. Cannibalism took place with the Assyrian invasion. They shall not be satisfied.
2. North will be against the South. The nation is divided. Homes are divided. Moral
decay will destroy a nation. Those with values get the blame! His hand is
outstretched still!

When does God judge a nation?
IV. A FAILURE IN COMPASSION 10:1-4 Insensitivity
A. The Crime 1-2
The poor and unfortunate are used for political and personal gain.
B. The Cry 3
Isaiah asks 3 questions that each of us must ask:
1. What will you do?
2. To whom will you flee?
3. Where will you leave your glory? One day it will all be gone. What do you
have? One day you will stand before God.
C. The Conclusion 4
“Without will will bow down!”

America is under the judgment of God!
“Without Me You Will Fall!”
To whom will you flee?

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