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Acts 1:8
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We all need the POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT on the other side of our story.
"The power of Pentecost is for people … it's God's answer for the paralysis of the world."
The primary purpose of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit is to bring the personal boldness and power of God’s Spirit into a Christian’s life so that he or she can accomplish Christ’s purposes with his authority.
Why did it happen?
[There are at least 3 reasons why this miracle happened)

Peter and John had been baptized in the Holy Spirit, in power with the initial physical evidence of speaking in other tongues and the continued evidence of power in witness and ministry.

KEY — It was the BAPTISM IN THE HOLY SPIRIT that enabled the disciples to be the RIGHT MEN in the RIGHT PLACE for the RIGHT PURPOSE bringing the RIGHT POWER!
Why did it happen?
[There are at least 3 reasons why this miracle happened)

1. FAITHFULNESS - Proximity to the need so the POWER within them could spill over to impact another’s life.
Why did it happen?
[There are at least 3 reasons why this miracle happened)

2. FOCUS - You give POWER to what or whom you PAY ATTENTION TO.
In Jesus’ ministry He heard what other's didn't hear … and saw what other's didn't see … the Jesus who was so incredibly interruptible … now the Holy Spirit is carrying out the Ministry of Jesus through us and His Power flowing THROUGH US.
Why did it happen?
[There are at least 3 reasons why this miracle happened)

The Holy Spirit filled Peter and John with the NECESSARY TOOLS to TOUCH and TRANSFORM the crippled beggar!
We need the miraculous in the church today. Postmodern people are too broken to be fixed through simple human care-giving; they need to be pieced back together through the supernatural healing of Jesus through his body, the church.
Can what happened in Acts 3 happen today?
IT HAS TO… for two vital reasons:

1. Only God's POWER can put BROKEN PEOPLE back together again.

2. The DEMONSTRATION of God's power readied people for the DECLARATION of God's word.

1. Get right with God (repent of any sin, including apathy
2.Ask in Faith – Pray and believe that God will fulfill his promise to baptize you in the Holy Spirit. Do not doubt that you will speak in tongues as the initial physical evidence that you have received God’s gift and expect the ongoing evidence of power to witness.
3.Be prepared: Do not seek an experience, seek and desire more of Jesus and all that God has made available to us through his death and resurrection.

4.Stay focused – some people do not receive because they are expecting a mystical, uncontrollable experience. The Holy Spirit does not overpower a person’s will. You must cooperate with and invite him into your life.

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