Five Rivers Church
IMPACT: 7 Points of Impact
Today, Tracy shares seven things that God has used to transform his life as we continue our "Impact" series.
Locations & Times
  • Five Rivers Church
    1450 E Dorothy Ln, Dayton, OH 45429, USA
    Sunday 11:00 AM
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr said...
"The Christian is called upon not to be like a thermometer conforming to the temperature of his society, but he must be like a thermostat serving to transform the temperature of his society."
Four Levels of Influence
Positional - you have job or a title
Expertise - you have training and/or experience
Relational - you have invested in others and they know you love them
Spiritual - you have God stories and answered prayers
(credit to John Maxwell and Dr. J. Robert Clinton)
The most impact I can have in your life is when you see that God has transformed and is continuing to transform my life and I can help you experience the same. The authority is not mine but Christ in me!

7 Points of Impact
1. A Paradigm Shift - Moving from a performance based to a love grace identity in Christ.
2. Wise Counsel - I have been intentional about what voices I choose to allow to speak into my life. I listen in the valleys and the mountain tops. I have also chosen to listen to those I don't agree with for perspective.
3. Personal Devotions - I have used and stuck to a simple process for my personal study. It begins with reading scripture, observing what is in the scripture, seeing how it applies to my life, praying about it, and then sharing it with others.
4. The Lord's Model Prayer - While I enjoy reciting the Lord's Prayer, the real difference has come when I started using Jesus' model to guide my prayer time.
5. Conversational Prayer - First, I had to learn there is a gift of Intercession. Then I was able to let go of the shame of not being to pray for long periods of time every day. While I still have prayer times, I also enjoy a on going conversation with God. I talk to Him about what is happening. And I listen to the wisdom and direction He gives.
6. Obedience to the Prompting of the Holy Spirit - I have learned to define my experiences and feelings through the lens of Scripture not Scripture through the lens of my experiences and feelings.
7. The BLESS Strategy - Begin everything with prayer; Listen to their story; Eat with them; Serve them and/or with them; Story - share God's story through my story. The key is that I never see someone as a project, but a person God has given me to love.
My life verse has become Galatians 2:20