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South Baptist Church
Sunday at South
Sunday's 10:30 service sermon notes.
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  • South Baptist Church
    4091 Van Slyke Rd, Flint, MI 48507, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM
Welcome to South! We're glad you joined us today. Below you will find some sermon notes and Bible passages, to help you follow along with Pastor Scott's message. We are in a series called "Essentials of a Healthy Church". We hope you will be encouraged by what is taught today.

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We were made to worship.

Genuine worship of God, and really genuine worship of anything, involves our ENTIRE BEING - our minds, our emotions, our will, our words, and our actions.
God is deserving of our worship.

While God is deserving of every person’s worship (He created them), the reality is that because we are by nature sinners, and God is by nature holy, we make ourselves an enemy of God’s, and therefore separated from him - completely unable to approach him, much less worship Him. As a result, we cannot worship God without a mediator-- someone who can intervene between us and God to restore peace in our relationship with Him.
God established worship.

There is a proper way to worship Him. We are called to present our bodies as a living sacrifice - holy and acceptable to God. (from Romans 12:1-2)

True worship is NOT confined to what we do when we gather corporately in this place and sing praises to God--though it does include it.


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