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Vision 2022 - Developing Relationships with Others
Discipleship is a life-long journey of taking our Next Steps in following Jesus. We identify 4 key areas (the 4 D’s of Discipleship): Deepening relationship with Jesus Developing relationships with others Deploying gifts of service Discovering calling
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We develop genuine relationships with others by not only investing into their lives, but also welcoming their input in our life. We recognize that people are not part of God's plan - they ARE God's plan!
Relationships are the soil in which the Fruit of the Spirit Grows
Practical ways to Develop Relationships @ The Avenue:

For a full listing of all the “one-anothers” in the Bible visit
Discussion Questions - Re-read our main passage from this week (Matthew 22:38-39) and then with your Growth Group, family, friends, etc. thoughtfully answer the following:

1. Do you view Deepening your relationship with Christ as something separate from Developing relationships with others? Why or why not?

2. In what way does deepening human relationships apply to those outside of the faith? How is this a critical part in how we are commanded to make disciples of all nations?

3. Who is a “Paul” to you, and how did that relationship happen?

4. Who is a “Timothy” in your life right now?

5. How have you best developed discipling relationships that has been organic and not forced or inauthentic?

6. Of the 4 “one-another” categories we discussed (Unity, Love, Humility, Growth) which comes most natural, and which is most difficult for you?

7. What’s your next step in response to this message?

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A Simple Method of Making Disciples by Neil Cole

Neil Cole is a church planter as well as the founder and executive director of Church Multiplication Associates & CMA Resources, which has helped start thousands of churches in all 50 states and at least 40 nations. In this session, Neil explains how to find and make disciples.

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Vision 2022 - Developing Relationships with Others