Under the Influence: How Influencers Handle an Inside Attack - Nehemiah 6:1-14 :: YouVersion Event
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Under the Influence: How Influencers Handle an Inside Attack - Nehemiah 6:1-14
Join us as we continue our series Under The Influence!
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Under the Influence
How Influencers Handle an Inside Attack
Nehemiah 6:1-14

Vs.1 The Work on the wall was almost finished

Vs.2 Nehemiah's enemies Invite Nehemiah to a meeting
Nehemiah Responds: "And I sent messengers to them, saying, “I am doing a great work and I cannot come down. Why should the work stop while I leave it and come down to you?” And they sent to me four times in this way, and I answered them in the same manner.

v.5 – “In the same way Sanballat for the fifth time sent his servant to me with an open letter in his hand.”
v.6 – “In it was written, “It is reported among the nations, and Geshem also says it, that you and the Jews intend to rebel; that is why you are building the wall. And according to these reports you wish to become their king.”
1. It’s Gossip (v.6)
2. It’s Slander
2 Corinthians 11:3 – “But I am afraid that, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, your minds will be led astray from the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ.”
2 Corinthians 12:20 – “For I fear that perhaps when I come I may find you not as I wish, and that you may find me not as you wish—that perhaps there may be quarreling, jealousy, anger, hostility, slander, gossip, conceit, and disorder.”
Why did they write the open letter?
1. Nehemiah would lose support
2. Nehemiah’s energy would be diverted to defending himself
3. Nehemiah would get demoralized and quit
3 questions to ask when you hear gossip
a. Can I talk to the source?
b. Do the details make sense?
c. Does this information edify or destroy? (Eph. 4:29)
How to handle gossip about you
1. Deal with it head-on
v.8 – “No such things as you say have been done, for you are inventing them out of your own mind.”
2. Ask God for strength
v.9 – “But now, O God, strengthen my hands.”
3. Stay faithful and maintain your witness
Nehemiah 6:12-13 – “And I understood and saw that God had not sent him, but he had pronounced the prophecy against me because Tobiah and Sanballat had hired him. 13 For this purpose he was hired, that I should be afraid and act in this way and sin, and so they could give me a bad name in order to taunt me.