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May 8, 2022 8:30am & 10:00am
Words that Reflect the Consequences: #7 Forgiveness; #8 Justification; #9 Redemption; #10 Reconciliation
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10.Great Words of the Christian Faith
Words that Reflect the Consequences: #7 Forgiveness; #8 Justification;
#9 Redemption; #10 Reconciliation
Setting the stage:
A. The Words
1. The Choice: Repentance, Faith, Confession
2. The Change: Regeneration, Adoption, Conversion
3. The Consequences: Forgiveness, Justification; Redemption; Reconciliation.
B. Salvation occurs from the interaction of HUMAN CHOICE and DIVINE CHANGE.
C. At this point of interaction, we unite with God and become a New Creation.
D. The next group of four words give clarity to the new idea of this Divine-Human Relationship.
E. We see the choice and the change result in consequences that highlight the results in a practical way.
1. Forgiveness is seen as “the removal of a barrier.”
2. Justification is seen as “the acquittal of a defendant.”
3. Redemption is seen as “the emancipation of a slave or servant.”
4. Reconciliation is seen as “the restoration of the alienated.”
These words are studied together because they are the least abstract elements of the Christian experience of salvation. In terms of practicality, they may be the most easily understood.
I. Forgiveness: is the removal of every barrier that has kept me from approaching God with confidence and assurance.
A. To carry off or put away that which is offensive. (Psalm 103:3; Isaiah 38:17; Micah 7:19)
B. To cover something by covering or concealing; to effectively remove the object from consideration. (Exodus 29:36; Palm 32:1; 1 Peter 4:8)
C. To wipe away something or remove the stain of it. (Psalm 51:1,7; Isaiah 43:25)
D. To eliminate/cancel an indebtedness. (Luke 6:37;7:48)
E. The decision to not enforce a penalty. (Psalm 32:2; Acts 17:30)
F. To care for someone who is in difficulty by being generous, gracious or merciful. (Luke 7:43; Ephesians 4:32)
II. Justification: is the dropping of all condemning charges against me.
A. Law v. Grace
B. Works v. Faith
C. Godly v. UnGodly
III. Redemption: is the full payment of all I owe spiritually, so that I am no longer in servitude or bondage.
A. Slavery in society
B. Slavery as “works”
C. A judgment against me
D. A punishment of my family
E. Slavery as “defeat”
IV. Reconciliation: is a new relationship with God and man, so that all former barriers are removed.
Christian Life Lessons
1. The idea behind Forgiveness is “Removal.”
2. The idea behind Justification is “Confidence.”
3. The idea behind Redemption is “Freedom.”
4. The idea behind Reconciliation is “Relationship.”