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Gateway Church
Gateway Church - Parkesburg Campus - Sunday, May 8, 2022
We often describe ourselves, or others for sure, as “half-cup full” or "half-cup empty” people in terms of how we look at life. How would you describe yourself…in terms of Faith & Belief? Are you an early adopter of God’s Word to you about Jesus, a firm believer, or would you label yourself more of a skeptic? Is the GOOD NEWS of JESUS CHRIST too good to be true? We have all suffered from evil in this world, and most of us have questioned God and His goodness because of it. If God is all-powerful and all-loving then why hasn’t God done away with evil and suffering? This week will discuss “The Problem of Evil”.
Locations & Times
  • Gateway Church, Parkesburg PA
    160 Cowan Rd, Parkesburg, PA 19365, USA
    Sunday 8:30 AM, Sunday 10:00 AM, Sunday 11:30 AM

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An all-powerful being can do anything, except that which is illogically possible that would violate His nature.
An all-good being would want to prevent evil unless there was a sufficient reason to allow it.
Therefore, if there is an all-powerful God that is all-good then evil is an illogical possibility to prevent and/or He has a good (morally sufficient) reason to allow it.
At the pinnacle of creation, moral freedom and choice were given.
Suffering tethers us back to dependency on God.
God is not just some distant creator, but a God that shared in our discomfort and suffering.
God has done and is continuing to do something about evil.
Holy Spirit's empowerment and strength in the midst of evil.
God leveraging evil for His plans.
Institutions set up to govern and make laws.
The Church set up to respond to evil.
The inevitable new Heaven and earth.

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