May 1, 2022 :: YouVersion Event
CenterPointe Christian Church
CenterPointe Christian Church is a community-focused church in Lexington, KY, that desires to help you FIND and FOLLOW Jesus. All ages and stages are welcome to join us in-person Sundays at 9:30 & 11:00 AM, or stream live online at 11 AM at - Children's ministry is available for birth thru 5th Grade during both in-person services.
Locations & Times
  • CenterPointe Christian Church
    865 Greendale Rd, Lexington, KY 40511, USA
    domingo 9:30 AM, domingo 11:00 AM
Message Outline & Growth Group Questions

How to Be Beautiful
1. Believe God Made Salvation Universally Available
2. Preach the Gospel
3. Be Willing To Go – To Be Sent
4. Keep Sharing The Message - Faith Comes by Hearing the Word of God
5. Take the Gospel to the Ends of the Earth
6. Never Give Up - God Still Loves the World Despite Its Sin
Growth Group Questions
1. Using verses 14 & 15, list the “steps to belief” outlined in these verses. What conclusion is drawn from Isaiah 52:7 and the end of Romans 10:15?
2. Can you name a few people in your life who exercised “their beautiful feet” by sharing the good news (Gospel) with you? List them and say a prayer of thanksgiving to God for their work in your life.
3. Does Paul say that all Israelites (Jews) accepted the Gospel?
According to today's verses, was the reason the Jews did not accept (obey) the Gospel because they did not hear the Gospel? Explain your answer.
4. According to verse 19, how did God make Israel (Jews) jealous?
5. How can you? How can the church be more effective at sharing Jesus with the lost?
6. Who are 2-3 people you are praying for who are not walking in a relationship with Jesus? Who are people in your life who are considered lost because they haven’t accepted Jesus?