Mission Hills Church
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Purpose doesn’t come from changing your circumstances or your stuff. It comes when the empty tomb changes your perspective. Whether you’re at the top of your game or feel like you’ve hit rock bottom, Jesus offers you a life of more hope, more meaning, and more joy.
Locations & Times
  • Littleton Campus
    620 Southpark Dr, Littleton, CO 80120, USA
    Sábado 5:00 PM, Domingo 8:00 AM, Domingo 9:15 AM, Domingo 11:00 AM
  • North Littleton Campus / Mission Hills en Español
    5804 S Datura St, Littleton, CO 80120, USA
    Domingo 9:15 AM, Domingo 11:30 AM
Welcome to Mission Hills!
Mission Hills is a church family—a family who wants to extend to you the same love, hope, and joy that we have received. We know that we cannot be all things to all people. But we do want to be one thing to all people. We want to be the place where anyone, of any age, of any level of spiritual maturity, of any economic class, of any ethnicity, of any church background—or no church background—can meet God in a way that transforms their life…forever!

If you are a first time guest, we would love to meet you! Stop by the Welcome Center for a free gift.
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Jesus' invitation to the table doesn't depend on what you bring to it.
Jesus said, "Come to me all you who are weary and burdened..." (Mat 11:28)
Jesus only asks us to give out of what we've been given.
What if everything Jesus asks us to give is really an invitation to receive?
When we give trust to God, we receive strength from God.

Faith doesn’t free us from life’s problems, it fuels us to face them.

What would it look like for me to give trust to God in a place where I need to receive strength from him?
Every individual matters to Jesus.
Is there someone I’m overlooking that Jesus isn’t?
Following Jesus will bless, not break, you.
Jesus wants more for you than he wants from you.
// Am I living in rhythm? Or am I doing too much out or too much in?
// What do I need to do to get back in rhythm?