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Pennsville Baptist Church
Sunday Morning Service
Sunday Morning Service
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  • Pennsville Baptist Church
    3298 Richey Rd, Mt Pleasant, PA 15666, USA
    Sunday 9:45 AM
Isaiah 5:1-30
“Growing Wild Grapes”

1. Is your life bringing pleasure and joy to God? Are you growing wild grapes?
2. Isaiah 5 Israel (God’s Vineyard) was growing ‘wild grapes’.

Is your life bringing pleasure and joy to God? Are you growing wild grapes?
The vine is given the BEST!
A. His Affection 1
Well Beloved…Beloved… ‘His’ vineyard
B. His Attention 2
They were given God’s best!
1. Best Place Fruitful hill
2. Best Preparation dug…gathered stones
3. Best Product choicest vine
4. Best Protection towers in the midst
5. Best Producer winepress in it
6. Best Possibility He looked to bring forth grapes.
Each of these were true of Adam and Eve (Gen. 3) Man sinned and ever since has
brought forth wild grapes. The root word for wild grapes is “to smell bad”.
They brought forth ‘wild grapes’!

Is your life bringing pleasure and joy to God? Are you growing wild grapes?
A. The Choice 3-4
1. Israel passed sentence on itself. What could I have done more?
2. Why (Wherefore) I looked…I expected grapes…good grapes. It produced wild
inferior grapes. Grapes that smell bad!
B. The Consequences 5-6
1. No Protection 5
*Note the negatives: I will take away the hedge.
*Satan has his way. How can God be for them if they are against Him?
2. No Production 6a
3. No Prospect 6b
*Clouds that they rain no rain…Without rain you dry up!
*Outwardly they had a religious front, but they were full of sin! (v.7)

Is your life bringing pleasure and joy to God? Are you growing wild grapes?
Six ‘wild grapes’ each begin with ‘Woe unto them...’ Look at their fruit. You see a
snapshot of the whole human race. Each is trying to fill a God-shaped emptiness:
A. Wild Grape of Possessions 8-10
1. Wealthy landowners were bent on having a monopoly. Instead of good stewards of
His property they were covetous and selfish.
2. Did they really get what they wanted? (v. 10) 10 acres produces 6-10 gallons. A
homer was equivalent to 10 ephah. The crop was only 1/10 of the seed sown.
3. There was no satisfaction. For all their effort it doesn’t produce what is expected!
B. Wild Grape of Pleasure 11-17
1. Self-indulgence and godless pleasure is described (11,12)…drunk/music.
2. Body and soul…the spirit can never be satisfied apart from God.
3. There is no thought of coming judgment. They live with no thought of God!
Sowing and reaping (11-13) Because they have no knowledge.
4. Judgment is coming (16, 17) God will be vindicated. Their land will be desolate.
C. Wild Grape of Pursuit 18-19
1. Empty Passion 18 They harness themselves to a cart of sin…bound by clouds
of emptiness.
2. Empty Position 19 Cart rope…thicker/stronger habits become irresistibly
strong. They have neither the ability or desire to break free. They feel secure that
God will do nothing! He never presses His claims!
D. Wild Grape of Perversion 20
1. His word is turned upside down.
2. Wrong becomes right and right becomes wrong. Bad becomes good and good
becomes bad. Light becomes dark and dark becomes light. Bitter becomes sweet and
sweet becomes bitter.
3. Twisted values and applauded and pursued…drugs, alcohol, sex, abortion, LGBTQ.
The evangelical Christian is mocked for their beliefs. They can’t even see what is
happening to the USA.
E. Wild Grape of Pride 21
1. Wise in their own sight…clever in their own sight. They become the standard.
2. Wise…in Salvation…in ‘Science’…in Self. Clever in that they bypass God, living
like they want.
F. Wild Grape of Position 22-23
1. Mighty…Strong these were people of position. “They’ve made it!” only to fall into
drugs and alcohol.
2. It was a total abandonment to pleasure and self-indulgence.
3. Instead of using their position for right they are swayed by drink and graft (money
moves their heart). The power-hungry do anything, say anything to promote
themselves and their agenda.

Israel was going to be overrun…v. 30 in that day. There is coming a day…it will happen!
A. It Is Deserved 24-25
1. The Reasons 24 Because they cast away the law…they despise the word!
2. The Retribution 25 One day the house of cards will fall!
B. It Is Described 26-30
With ‘wild grapes’ an army will sweep through your life!
1. Its Speed 26 They shall come with speed.
2. Its Strength 27 None shall be weary or stumble…nor sleep
3. Its Supplies 28 Arrows…bows…horses…wheels
4. Its Sound 29 The roaring shall be like a lion…
5. Its Surety 30 They shall…


You cannot run from God and not lose!

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