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Faith, Prayer and How God Answers - Acts 12
Acts 12:1-19 Peter’s Deliverance
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We are never to ask what a specific scripture “means to me.” However, we must ask, “what does it teach me about ____________?
Biblical faith is an ACTION, not a FEELING.
Unbiblical Concept of Faith :
1. If you have great faith, your are going to take great risks.
Unbiblical Concept of Faith:

2. Great faith means I have great confidence.
Nothing wrong with thinking positive thoughts, but it is obedience that shows faith. Noah built the Ark out of OBEDIENCE.
Unbiblical Concept of Faith:

3. Great faith means that I have no fear or doubt

When you study the Bible, you will see that God rejects us in our DISOBEDIENCE, but He actually meets us in our DOUBT.
Prayer is an ACTION, not a MINDSET.
The power of prayer is based on WHO I PRAY TO, not HOW WELL I PRAY.
Our job is to ASK; God’s job is to do what’s BEST.
God’s GOODNESS and SOVEREIGNTY are not theological doctrines; they’re bedrock REALITY.
God’s GOODNESS is seen at the CROSS.


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