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Calvary BFC
DON’T TRY HARDER - Romans 2:17-29
When you’ve tried your best and still can’t move something, you can keep trying harder. You won’t get it to move. You need to stop trying harder and do something different.
Locations & Times
  • Calvary Bible Fellowship Church
    6782 N Main St, Coopersburg, PA 18036, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 10:45 AM
I. Nobody is perfect- vv. 17-24
• Some people appear perfect
• Even “perfect” people aren’t
• It is impossible to make God happy by obeying His laws perfectly because we can’t obey His laws perfectly
II. The solution is not to try harder, but to receive a new, spiritual heart- vv. 25-29
• True religion is not outward conformity but inward transformation
III. God the Holy Spirit is the source of your new, spiritual heart- v. 29
• Receive salvation
• Appreciate salvation
• Live out your salvation
Bottom Line: To be praised by God, praise God!
Questions to Consider
Why do we doubt God’s love? Are we doubting His love or our worthiness?

Why is obeying God’s commands the wrong way to make God happy with us? Why should we still obey His commands?

How do we receive the transformation of our spiritual self? What does this transformation lead us now to do?
Melodic Line Of Romans
Jesus is the prophesied and revealed Messiah whose gospel-accomplishing life, death, and resurrection saves His beloved people, chosen out from all the world, to an obedience of faith, for the glory of His name.