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For the Bible tells me so? Part 3
Jonathan Burgio
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For The Bible Tells Me So? Part 3

Can I Trust The Bible?
It’s estimated that the current copy of the Bible we read is copied with 99.5% accuracy of the original. The .5% in question does not affect a single doctrine of the Christian faith.
1) Do we have eyewitness testimony?
2) Do we have EARLY eyewitness testimony?
“What gives a special authority to the list as historical evidence is the reference to most of the five hundred brethren being still alive. St. Paul says in effect: ‘if you do not believe me, you can ask them.’ Such a statement in an admittedly genuine letter written within thirty years of the event is almost as strong evidence as one could hope to get for something that happened nearly two thousand years ago.” ~ Bible Scholar William Lillie
3) Did the eyewitnesses tell the truth?

A) They included embarrassing details about themselves.
B) They included embarrassing details about Jesus.
C) They include historically confirmed people in their writings.
D) They did not deny their testimony under persecution and death.

“Why would the apostles lie?…If they lied, what was their motive, what did they get out of it? What they got out of it was misunderstanding, rejection, persecution, torture, and martyrdom. Hardly a list of perks!” ~ Peter Kreeft
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