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Impact the One - Acts 8
Acts 8:26-40
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What was it like to be an Ethiopian Eunuch at the Temple in Jerusalem?

Philip was quite the superstar in Samaria. He had brought the Good News – he even had a following.

Now, the Lord directs him to leave, head south into the desert. God’s direction must have seemed strange to Philip….but he was OBEDIENT (Key to abiding in Christ – being led by the Holy Spirit)
In Philip’s obedient response, we see a pattern of how God will work through us as we focus on IMPACTING THE ONE.

This story is also a great lesson on how to share the Good News with people who you may see as the OTHER.
1. Walk with JESUS before we share JESUS.
3. Be willing to leave our COMFORT ZONE
4. Start where others ARE AT, not with what WE KNOW.
5. Walk ALONGSIDE and earn an INVITE in.
6. Seek to UNDERSTAND, not to be UNDERSTOOD.

7. Show others what JESUS DID, not what they MUST DO.
If we really want to be the PEOPLE of God, we need to do the WORK of God, and there we will find the SPIRIT of God.

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