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Rooted in Priority
Matthew 6, Luke 16
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In the Great Reassessment, many have chosen FOOLISHLY, or allowed FEAR to drive them down a course of choices that have effectively UPROOTED them from where God chose to PLANT THEM. (Both location and habit or process)
We grow UP when we put our roots DOWN
To be rooted in God’s love, God must be FIRST.
This call to Lordship, to this PRIORITY fights against the spirit of this world that pushes us away from our dependence upon God and into a self-preserving, self-protecting, self-centered life that is neither rooted or fruitful.
1. What is Mammon?

Mammon promises us those things only God can give – security, significance, identity, independence, power and freedom.
The Bible makes it clear that the Gospel is a Provision Gospel. (Give to Bless)
God wants to provide for you so that you can be a blessing to others.
God wants to provide for you because He loves you.
2. Is money evil?
To be clear, Money and Mammon are not the same. Money is not inherently evil. Money is neutral – you can use it for good or evil.
3. What should I do with money?
Be a good steward!
Priority: Tithing is RETURNING to God that which is His.
True Riches - People

The only eternal thing you can invest in is PEOPLE.

Bible Engagement Project

Hey! I’m so excited about the new Bible study resources we’ll be using for our Church. It’s all delivered on an app called Bible Engagement Project.
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