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Sunday Morning Service
Sunday Morning Service
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  • Pennsville Baptist Church
    3298 Richey Rd, Mt Pleasant, PA 15666, USA
    Sunday 9:45 AM
I John 4:7-10
Herein Is Love

1. Love…we use it so much. We soon lose its true meaning.
2. It is much like a sunrise or sunset. They become so common place that we miss its beauty.
3. I John keeps bringing up the word…love. It is used 51 times in various forms. Love is the
Greek word agape or agapao. God is the author and origin.
*It is not sentimental, social or soft, but supernatural.
*It is giving, not getting. It is self-sacrificing love on behalf of another without any thought of
pay back.
*It is never the basis of personality, passion or pleasure.
4. In I John 4:7-10 love is used in various forms 9 times in 4 verses. God’s love to us…in us and
through us.

What is love?
A. The Recipients Beloved
1. Beloved has as its root agape…agapetoi and is used 5 times in I John (2:7; 3:2, 21;
*These are divinely loved ones…loved by God in a very special way.
*The term is never applied to unbelievers.
*When we come into God’s family, God has a special love to those who love His Son.
*All of mankind is love by God. He died for them (John 3:16). The wrath of God
abides on them (3:18, 36).
2. Let us love one another…If I am loved then this self-giving, self-sacrificing love should
slop over on to others! It’s not ‘What can I get” but “What can I give.” Love your
neighbor as yourself. Who is my neighbor? Neighbor is the one next to you!
B. The Reason For love is of God
1. The Gnostics believed essentially the love of man for God. With a wrong understanding
of love:
*A love for God becomes primarily an exercise in self-gratification.
*They or we cannot attribute love to God or say that God loves us.
*God in their thinking as Absolute is always passionless and unmoved.
2. Divine affection is not a response to something outside, but a response to Someone
3. Of is the Greek word ek which means ‘out of’. God is the Source. It is not a natural
virtue that is in us, nor is it a learned behavior. The Spirit of God is introduced in vss
1-6…especially in v. 4, 6.
C. The Rational Everyone that loves…
1. Born of God A new birth has taken place. These have been born from above of God ek
out of God.
2. Knows God God is the primary mover…Love Of God…Born Of God…Knows God!
Those know God in a personal, intimate way. Know is the Greek word gnosis. It
implies a divine knowledge. This one’s spiritual eyes have been opened and they have
developed a personal relationship with Him!
D. The Reverse Whoever does not love does not know God at all.
1. Do you know God? Do you have a self-sacrificing love?
2. (I Cor. 13:4-8a) The Fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace…)…LOVE.
E. The Reality For God is love.
1. This is who he is and what He does flows from what He is! That is His nature.
2. If His Spirit is within us then we will love those in God’s family. There is no race or
color in the family of God. (Rom 5:5; II Peter 1:4)
3. Certainly many non-believers love their families, friends and would even sacrifice for
them. What is missing? A personal knowledge, an experiential knowledge of God.
Love is not ‘out of’ God!

What is love?
A.The Reservoir of His Love
1.God’s love has been demonstrated many times:
*In His choice, redemption and preservation of Israel.
*In His provision for mankind with the sun, rain, food, shelter.
2. God’s love in us remands, requires action by which we demonstrate our love for one
B.The Revelation of His Love
1.His love was manifested…it means to make public so all could see it.
2.Manifested….in view of all…out in the open.
C.The Reality of His Love 9b
1.He sent His son (John 3:16)
*Son Is an offspring with the same nature, character and implies deity and preexistence. Babies are born, not sent!
2. Only begotten Son into the world
*Only begotten is His unique, one of a kind.
*Into the world that’s here. We cannot have eternal life without an eternal Son!
D. The Result of His Love
That we might live through Him
1. The purpose and design of the Atonement is that we might have life…through Him.
2. Do you want to really live (through Him). This life goes into eternity! It is only for
those who belong to Him!

What is love?
A.The Availability of Love
1.Herein is love…where can I get it?
2.I want this unique, one of a kind, selfless love.
B.The Alienation From Love
Not that we loved God
1.(Rom 5:8, 10) sinners…enemies…He still loved us!
2.No man seeks after God…God became man, not because man was so good! Man was sinful and hated God. He didn’t turn in anger. He sent His Son!
C.The Answer In Love
1.God loved us. Agape love must 1st be received from God!
2.God sent His Son. The answer to Sin and Hatred toward Him was He sent His Son.
3.To be the propitiation for our sin
*Propitiation is satisfaction…atonement. On the Cross Christ met God’s demands.
4. It is the Mercy Seat of the Old Testament. Once a year and only once a year the
High Priest went into the Holy of Holies bringing blood to be sprinkled on the
Mercy Seat. It was the only way the Priest could meet God. The nation was
accepted before God. They couldn’t come any other way!
5.We can come no other way to be accepted! What can wash away my sin…nothing but the blood of Jesus.


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