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The Church at Creek's End
The Bible says a LOT about money. Why? Wealth is necessary for survival. In order to eat, comfortably sleep, and stay healthy, you’ll need some form of currency. Wanting money is not wrong. But humans are certainly bad at desiring modest amounts, especially when it comes to money. God is not surprised by this, and so He’s given us ample direction on how to navigate the topic. In this 2- week series we will discover how God wants our dollars to make sense.
Locations & Times
  • Creek's End Campus
    20010 Kuykendahl Rd, Spring, TX 77379, USA
    Sunday 11:00 AM
Series Focus: God will bless our finances and our dollars will make sense when we have the right perspective and the right priorities towards our money.
The way you prioritize your personal finances represents ___________________________________
1. If I want God to bless my personal finances _______________________________________
2. If I want God to bless my personal finances _______________________________________
3. If I want God to bless my personal finances _______________________________________
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The Power of Oneness
The Creek’s End Family gathers for Life Groups at 9:30 AM. Little Creek, Creek Kids, and The Creek Students will also meet during this time. At 11:00 AM we will worship TOGETHER, with only Little Creek meeting the second hour. We believe not only the Creek’s End family needs to worship together, but our individual families need to worship together as a family as well.

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On our website we have made it easy to access materials that are available for Sunday as we worship from home. Our SUNDAY RESOURCES page provides all the links you need – Sermon notes, Live Stream, prayer requests, online giving and a Connection Card.

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