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9.30.2018 | Acts - Week 20
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This Week's Bulletin
September 30, 2018

Welcome to Dover Assembly!
We are so glad you have chosen to attend Dover Assembly this morning. It is not by accident that you are here. We believe that God has allowed you to be here so that you might receive all that He has for you. We pray you are blessed as you allow the Lord to work in your life.

9:00 am ~ Coffee & Donut Fellowship
9:30 am ~ Sunday School
10:30 am ~ R.O.C.K. Children’s Ministries
10:30 am ~ Worship Service
1:00 pm ~ Spanish Service

6:30 pm ~ Women’s Bible Study
7:00 pm ~ Deacon Board Meeting

6:30 pm ~ FAMILY NIGHT!

1:00 pm Nunez / Ostrom Wedding

Wednesday Night Adult Bible Study
We are beginning a new study on the book, The Christian Atheist, Believing in God but Living as if He Doesn’t Exist. Ask yourself, ‘Am I putting my whole faith in God, but still living as if everything were up to me?’ This study will challenge you to move from head knowledge to heart knowledge.
Men's Pinball & Pizza Night
The guys will once again convene at Mark Crumrine’s house for a night of great fellowship. It is scheduled for Thurs. Oct 11 at 6:30 pm. Please sign up in the lower foyer and remember to invite a friend along!
Men's Conference
Today is the last day to sign up for the Courage Men’s Conference Oct 19-20 at Trinity Life A/G in Baltimore. There is always a tremendous outpouring of God’s spirit upon hundreds of men. Sign up in the lower foyer. Deadline for registration and payment of $55 is TODAY!. Lunch on Saturday will be provided on site and is included in the price.
Women of Purpose Women’s Ministries – upcoming events:
~ WOP Paint Night is Friday Oct 19 — Please join us for our first ever ladies paint night! Bobbi Jo Blanchard will be guiding us through a night of painting of a lighthouse. Each lady will need to pay only $5 for materials! This is a savings of about $25 for a paint night class! Please plan on joining us at 6:30 on Oct. 19 for a fun night of painting! Sign-up sheet is in the upper foyer. Light desserts. (if anyone would like to bring a dessert, designate it on the sign-up sheet) All materials of paint, canvas, brushes will be provided that night. If you need child care, please designate on the sign-up sheet and how many children and their ages.
~ WOP Christmas Dinner is scheduled for Friday, Dec 14 — More information to follow.

Faith Pledges
We are almost there! Only $276.50 more to our first goal of $10,000. Praise The Lord! Please help us reach this first goal. Once we reach the first $10,000, our matching donor will contribute $10,000, which will bring us down to $30,000 due! Please help us pay off this debt. To God be all the glory!
Sanctuary Chairs - UPDATE!
Our chairs are ordered and are en-route!! However, our shipment has been delayed. They have not been able to give us an exact date yet due to the delay, but we will let you know as soon as we know.
New Security In Place
Beginning TODAY, our new security system designed to protect the children’s ministries is in place. Both doors leading into the lower level will be locked. The entrance on the right has a camera and buzzer system. You will need to press the alert button and someone on the inside will let you in.
As part of our security, the church entrance and the lower doors has been re-keyed. Pastor Jeff and the board will distribute replacement keys once the need has been assessed.
Pastor Appreciation - Sun, Oct 14th
Each year the Assemblies of God designates the month of October as Pastor Appreciation Month. On Sunday Oct 14 the Deacon Board will officially kick-off Pastor Appreciation month at Dover Assembly of God as we recognize Pastor Jeff, Pastor Keith and Pastor Luis and their wives. Paul Jones will be our speaker that day! We would like to encourage everyone to participate in this month-long celebration in your own special and unique way. We hope that you can use whatever skills or abilities God has blessed you with to bless Pastor Jeff, Pastor Luis and Pastor Keith. Let’s keep this going the entire month of October to show them how much we appreciate everything they do for us. Please mark your calendar and start planning how you might use your talents to say Thank You to our Pastoral Team.
Sept 19 ~ Cindy Nunez
Oct 6 ~ Chad Landis
Oct 12 ~ Lauren Ellicott
Oct 16 ~ Madisyn Bender
Oct 16 ~ Laura Brehm
Oct 22 ~ Kyra Schott
Oct 23 ~ Noah Landis
Oct 26 ~ Jeff Schott
Oct 30 ~ Brad Caldwell

Oct 14 ~ Deborah & Carl Dobbins
Please take time to review and pray for those on this list. Drop them a card or call to set up a time to visit. They will be blessed!
~ Helen S.
Prayer Needs
~ Rick C.
~ Robin H.
~ Phil & Murina S.
~ Beulah S.
~ Marian T.
In Sympathy
~ Remember the family of Lynette M. Her aunt, Joy Fain, was killed in a car accident on her way home from church on Sunday, Sept 17. Continue to lift up the family in prayer.
~ Keep the family of Laura B. in your prayers as they mourn the home-going of her sister, Cora “Corky” Cornes on Sept 24.

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Last week we talked about Peter being arrested along with James.

James was killed but Peter was spared. Why James and not Peter? We don’t know. This falls into the category of the sovereignty of God.

Peter was to be tried the next day in public, then presumably executed.

Meanwhile the small home church group was praying for him.
Never doubt what we can accomplish when we pray and let God answer.

We have to know there is power in prayer.
John Wesley said, "God does nothing except in response to believing prayer."

When we as a church commit to prayer, we have to believe that God is going to intervene, and leave the results up to God.
So now we pick it up as Peter was just led out of jail into town. As soon as he got out of the jail, the angel disappeared. And Peter was likely kinda worried. He was not far from the jail and other soldiers and he now had to act on his own common sense.

He’s gotta get outta sight.

“I know, Mary is having a prayer meeting, I’ll head over there.”

And these next few verses almost sound like an everyday sitcom.
Acts of the Apostles 12:12-14 NLT

Mary must have had some money. She lived in a larger house. It says many were gathered, they had a servant girl, and where they were praying was in a different location than the front door. Almost like a foyer or vestibule in their home.

She ran back inside. How big must this have been for her to have room to run from the front door to where they praying.

It is okay for believers to have material things.
So Peter ends up here and the rest of this story is almost a comedy sketch.

Rhoda answers the door, but doesn’t let him in, she runs back leaving Peter standing at the door. God could get Peter out of jail, but Peter couldn’t get himself into a prayer meeting.

Now the knock on the door could’ve been Herod’s soldiers and it did take courage for Rhoda to even answer the door. So she hears Peter’s voice and recognizes it but is so excited she runs away without letting him in.

Not only does she not let him in, those inside didn’t believe her.
Acts of the Apostles 12:15 NLT

Sometimes that even in the most devoted prayer meetings, there will be some doubt and unbelief.

Similar to a verse when Jesus was asked to heal a man’s son who had a demon.
I’m sure that everyone at times has doubts when we pray. Will God answer? What if he doesn’t?

These saints believed in prayer. It says they prayed fervently. But they still had doubts.

God honors the weakest faith.
The people praying for his release didn’t believe that God answered their prayers.

Then they said it was his angel.

Angels do intercede in our lives at God’s behest. But I’m not sure we all have the same one all the time, so I’m not sure why she asked “his angel”
Acts of the Apostles 12:16 NLT

Guards may be looking for him, others may see him standing there wondering why he isn’t in jail.
He's likely getting nervous.
Acts of the Apostles 12:16 NLT

Instead of just having Rhoda open the door, she was obviously nervous about it, it seems a group of them went.

When THEY finally went out, THEY were amazed.

Since they weren’t sure about it being Peter, they were afraid of what or who might be on the other side, so they went together.

In keeping with the humorous side of this, picture a group of people all huddled together in one big clump, all walking in unison to the door
Acts of the Apostles 12:17 NLT

They were probably celebrating and hooting and hollering about his release, but he was telling them, this is not the time to celebrate.

Keep it down! Herod’s soldiers were probably on the streets keeping guard. If they heard or saw Peter, it would be bad news.

He tells them to be quiet and then quickly tells them about their answered prayer and his release.

He probably thanks them for praying
Acts of the Apostles 12:17 NLT

Obviously this is Jesus’ brother James, not the one who just was martyred, but his testimony was meant to be an encouragement to other believers.

We should constantly be telling others about answered prayer in our lives, no matter how large or small than answer is.

James would eventually be the leader of the Jewish Christians in Acts 15, so he wanted to make sure the leader knew of God’s miracle, but he also wanted the other believers to know as well.
Why do we always ask you to share what God is doing?

1) I get encouraged about what God is doing

2) Other believers may need that same encouragement-maybe they are going through what God already delivered you from.
Acts of the Apostles 12:17 NLT

Except for a brief time in Acts 15, we do not hear about or from Peter in the rest of Acts. No one knows where he went.

Peter was now making room for Paul’s travels through Acts. Peter was sent to the Jews and we don’t hear from him again in Acts.

Paul now begins his ministry to the Gentiles. And the rest of Acts is devoted to that.
We have mentioned many times about the suffering that other believers in different parts of the world endure.

This is an example of what God calls all believers to do.
We don’t hear much about this on the evening news, but we know it exists.

We don’t have to know specifics in order to pray for them, and we never know when our prayers are answered like it was for Peter.

We have several missionaries that you support. And they send us newsletters of what is going on. Please take them and pray for them. It’s one thing to send them a check, it’s another to pray for them.
Acts of the Apostles 12:18 NLT

In Roman law, if a guard let a prisoner escape, that guard would suffer what the prisoner would have suffered, so it’s understandable why there was so much commotion.
Picture this scene. You have the guards that were chained to Peter, now unchained without any knowledge of how, why, when, or who.

Now you have their replacements as the shift changes. Who gets in trouble? The old guys or the new ones? Did Peter escape as they were changing the chains on Peter?

Now the boss gets called in.
Acts of the Apostles 12:19 NLT

You wonder if the guards hoped they found him or not.

If they did, and Peter explained what happened, it could be worse for them.

If they didn’t find him, they knew those consequences too.

Either way, it’s a bad day to be a guard.
Acts of the Apostles 12:19 NLT

So Herod killed James and now he kills the 4 guards. Just to please the Jewish leaders, as we mentioned last week.

Even though Peter escaped miraculously, James still was executed and the guards also died.

Where was God in this and why doesn’t God punish the wicked? While God doesn’t bring justice in our timing, we know that God will do what is right.

And God brings about events on earth to fulfill his will in heaven.
Acts of the Apostles 12:20-23 NLT

God set all these events up in order to bring about judgment on Herod.

Society is no different today than back then. There will always be those like Herod--using their authority to oppose truth.

God’s people have always suffered under such rulers and authorities.

Not every evil leader is judged like Herod but God does watch over his people.

Christians then did not have any political clout and didn’t trust the system to deliver them.
While we do participate in our countries politics, ultimately it is our time in prayer and trust in God, not activism, that brings about God’s plan.

God works when churches pray and Satan trembles when he sees the weakest saint upon his knees.

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