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1.23.2022 | Revelation - Week 14
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January 23, 2022

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January 16, 2022 - Week 13 - Rev. Jeff Bender

We are continuing our study through the book of Revelation.

Last week we looked at chapter 4. Chapter 4 is the beginning of the midsection of Revelation. This part will end in chapter 15. This section contains the great apocalyptic visions of the 7 seals, 7 trumpets and 7 vials.

Most of this language is symbolic and there are various interpretations, but we need to understand that these symbols represent realities and not just vague generalities.

For example, the Anti-Christ is called a beast, but he is a real man.

Jesus is referred to as the Lamb, but he is the same Jesus who went up at the Mount of Olives and said he will come again.

These visions within these chapters focus on the coming judgments that will bring an end to this present age.

But since we know that God is still in control, that is what we’ll see in chapter 5.

Remember why we are studying this book. Especially if the church won’t be here for these events, why do we care?
The first 3 chapters are letters to every church telling them that they better be ready for the rapture, because if they aren’t, this is what will happen to them.
Chapter 5 starts off with this scroll that is going to be related to the judgments about to fall on the earth.

It will describe how the world will be judged and shows the final triumph of God and His people over all evil.

And it tells us that God the father is holding the scroll. He is in control of every event that will follow.
A seal was a mark of authority. If someone sealed something, it meant that only authorized people could open it.

Sometimes they used a signet ring or some other way of identifying the author.

It wasn’t the seal that meant it was valuable, but the author of the seal. Since God the father was holding it, we assume he is the author.

7 is the number of perfection and 7 seals means absolute security of what is written within.

Usually scrolls had writing only on one side, not both, but seeing that there was writing on both sides indicates that it was full to overflowing with information.

It also means it was complete, nothing more could be added to it and obviously, nothing can be taken out of it since it was sealed.
The only person able to open the seals of any document had to be one that was authorized to do so.

The strong angel shows a concern for who will open it. He is guarding the scroll so nobody who is not worthy can see the contents.
After searching everywhere in creation, nobody was worthy to open the scroll.
The three realms of creation were searched and still no one was worthy.

Nobody today or at any time is worthy of God’s grace. All of us are sinful people and we only have forgiveness because of what Jesus did.

We are not worthy of His blessings.
John knows the importance of what is in that scroll.

Remember last week . . .
John surely knows he isn’t worthy to open them and he’s in heaven right in front of God the father.

If no one can open the scrolls than John won’t see what’s in them and God’s purpose of Judgment and blessings for the world won’t happen.
We recognize the phrase “Lion of the tribe of Judah”. Lion being the king of the beasts.

We get it from . . .
Christ fulfilled this promise and is worthy to open the scroll.
John doesn’t see a lion, but a lamb.

The theme of “the lamb” is an important one in the Bible.

Jesus is referred to as “The Lamb” many times in Revelation-at least 28 times.

The term used for Lamb literally means “little pet lamb”.

The Passover lamb, which is fulfilled in Jesus was meant to be a lamb that one had as a household pet, not one from the field of sheep.
Most Jewish sources say that the lamb had to live in the house of the owner.

It had to mean something to those who were sacrificing it.

This lamb in Revelation, bears the marks of a sacrificed lamb.
Jesus meant something to God as He was sacrificed.
More symbolism. Again, 7 is the number of perfection.

The 7 horns represent perfect power and strength.

The 7 eyes representing perfect wisdom and knowledge.

The 7 spirits represent perfect presence.

The Holy Spirit in all the earth.

Until Jesus returns, God’s work is done through the Holy Spirit.
These meanings can also be referred to as OMNISCIENCE, OMNIPOTENCE AND OMNIPRESENCE.

All attributes of God. Jesus, the lamb that was slain is the eternal God.

Jesus has the attributes that only deity can have, so he is God.
So the Lamb takes the scroll from God the Father. Indicating that God is now passing authority to Jesus.

Since the scroll represents the revelation, the final carrying out of the final events in history, and the redemption of the world, God the Father is now giving that responsibility to the Lamb!

Just before he ascended into heaven after he rose from the dead, he said . . .
He has complete authority because of His victorious death on the cross.

The Lamb will now be the center of all that happens in heaven.

He is also at the throne.

One commentator puts it this way:

“Some images, songs and poetry emphasize the gentle carpenter or humble teacher but they fail to exalt the Risen Lord. We do not worship a babe in a manger or a corpse on a cross. We worship the living reigning Lamb of God who is in the midst of heaven.”
When the Lamb came and took the scroll, the crying ended and praising began.

John sees the living beings and the elders bow down and worship.

Again acknowledging the deity of Jesus Christ.

Not only would they not bow down to any other, if this was inappropriate, the Lamb would have told them to get up.
Another indication of the deity of Jesus Christ.
This refers to the desperate and sincere prayers of God’s faithful people.

In chapter 6, those who have been martyred are calling out to God for judgment.
Also, when Jesus is talking about the unjust judge . . .
The bowls of incense indicate that the scroll must be opened and the judgments of the tribulation must take place before the prayers are fully answered.
Up until now, the worship has been directed to the one on the throne, God the Father.

Now the worship is directed to the Lamb.

As soon as he takes the scroll, the worship begins.

In chapter 4 we said it was about God the creator. Now the emphasis is on God the redeemer.

Praise that is only supposed to be towards God alone is not being done to the Lamb.

Again, going back to the verse we just read.
The elders recognized that Jesus was in fact, God and was to be worshipped.

While Jesus walked the earth, he was 100% man and 100% God, but everything her did was done as a man, filled with the Holy Spirit.

He did not use his deity to perform miracles.

Now their worship is done in song.

Why do we worship with music? Because they do it in heaven.
And the harps they use according to one commentator:

“The Greek root word for harp is the root word for our word “guitar” and the harps probably sound more like guitars”

And they sang a new song. Something never before heard in heaven.

New because it celebrates God’s New Testament act of deliverance through Christ.
Ransomed: It literally means he bought us by the blood he shed.
What type of song was it?

1) A worship song. Songs of worship should always be directed at the Lord. We have to be sure that what we sing focuses on the worth-ship of Jesus Christ.

There are good Christian songs, but many don’t focus on worshiping God.

2) It was a Gospel song. Heaven sings about the cross and redeeming blood of Christ.

3) It was a missionary song. God wants everyone to hear the gospel and be saved. It is not only for a select few.
The numbers of angels used here indicate that the count was beyond the ability to measure.

And the angels did NOT sing about redemption, because they have no need to be redeemed, nor could they be.

But they did worship Jesus for who he is.
They kept saying that Jesus is worthy.

Again, worthy to receive 7 things (number of perfection).

a) Power - our verse in Matt. “, "I have been given complete authority (POWER) in heaven and on earth

b) Riches - he not only created everything, he redeemed everything

c) Wisdom - He is the wisdom of God
d) Strength - the power of truth. The truth will set you free (from sin) - power

e) Honor - reverence and respect that He is due for all he accomplished.

f) Glory - the brightness and splendor and radiance of God
g) Blessing - the Greek word means Praise. That’s what we mean when we bless the Lord. We praise him-speak good about him.

Like praising someone’s efforts, etc.
And then. . . once this was done, or as it was going on, all of God’s creation worshipped God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

One huge worship service.

All because the Lamb took the scroll from the Father’s hand.

God’s eternal plan would now be fulfilled and creation would be set free from sin and death.

Now the next chapter shows the lamb breaking the seals and putting into motion the events that will eventually lead to His final return to earth.

Thank you for joining us!

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