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Welcome to South! We're glad you joined us today. Below you will find some sermon notes and Bible passages, to help you follow along with Pastor Scott's message. He is in a series called "Exalting Jesus", and we're going through the book of Luke. We hope you will be encouraged by what you learn today.

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Another huge influence

Passover was one of three annual feasts in Israel. This particular feast was one that the Jews were commanded by God to practice in order to remember and celebrate God’s deliverance of Israel from their 400 year bondage to Egypt. The deliverance happened when God brought Pharaoh to his knees by bringing death to every first-born child and animal of the Egyptians, but passing over the houses of any Israelite family, who after sacrificing a spotless lamb, sprinkled its blood on the doorposts of their house.

Another thing we see that influenced Jesus’ growth in the wisdom and favor of God was this incredible devotion to the things of God, by Mary and Joseph. Because of this devotion…Jesus had a front row seat to the incredible worship service that was Passover.
Where was Jesus?

Mary and Joseph accidentally left twelve-year old Jesus at the temple once. Jesus had stayed back to "be about his Father's business." It wasn't rebellion--Jesus was doing God's will at that moment.

Couldn't Jesus just have come to earth as a 30-year old, to skip the growing-up years?

Jesus came as a baby, and grew up like any other child, in order that he might be able to fully sympathize with us in all of our weaknesses. Also, he needed to live all those years to show that he was the perfectly righteous Son of God and therefore capable of being the perfect sacrifice for the sins of all mankind.


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