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Bible References:
Romans 7:18-19
Romans 12:2
Psalm 119:11
1. When we travel the same neural pathway over and over, it gets deeper, stronger, and harder to get out of.
· What are your ruts?
2. Increased effort doesn't always equal lasting change. Transformation requires mind renewal.
· Renewing your mind means to restore it to the way it is meant to be.
3. The Rewire Principle
· Identify the lie and the truth that needs to replace it.
· Internalize that truth through meditating on it regularly.
· Find and encourage appropriate responses to your new truth.
1. Internalize truth everyday by…
· Writing out your declaration.
· Reading it back to yourself.
· Thinking about it.
· Praying it back to God.

2. Another way to internalize truth is to memorize scripture.
Reflection Questions:

1. How have you seen the idea of developing neural pathways (ruts) play out in your life?
2. What are some easy ways in which we conform to the patterns of this world?
3. What do you think it means to renew your mind? How does that process work?
4. What ruts are you stuck in that you need to get out of?
· What lie(s) led you into that rut?
· What truth do you need to replace your life with?
5. How can you internalize the truth you need in your life right now?
6. Have you ever tried memorizing scripture? What was your experience like? What might make that process more effective for you?
7. What declaration do you need to start using every day?

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