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Pre-Decide: 3 Keys To Overcoming Temptation
What if becoming the person you want to be starts long before the moment you make a decision? Before you click "buy," before you take one more bite, or before you lash out at the people you love. Can the decisions you make today help you live the life you really want tomorrow? Let's learn together in our new message series, Pre-Decide.
Locations & Times
    Sunday 10:00 AM
  • Northwoods Cinema 10
    300 Allan Ave, Owatonna, MN 55060, USA
    Sunday 8:30 AM, Sunday 10:00 AM
The quality of your decisions determines the quality of your life.
When faced with __________ (this situation),
I have pre-decided to ___________ (take this action).
• I am ready.
• I am consistent.
• I am devoted.
• I am generous.
• I am faithful.
• I am a finisher.
When our values are clear, decisions are easier.
1. The devil is coming for you.
2. You are not as strong as you think.
3 Keys to Fighting Temptation
1. Move the line.
3 Keys to Fighting Temptation

2. Magnify the cost.
What if the worst-case scenario comes true?
3 Keys to Fighting Temptation

3. Plan your escape.
You use your disappointments to justify your disobedience.
Talk It Over
• What is your thought process like when you make plans for the future?

• Read Matthew 26:41. Discuss a time when God helped you make the right decision or avoid temptation. What was that experience like?

• Consider the areas of your life where you’re most vulnerable to the enemy’s attacks. Share these with your LifeGroup. Talk about your escape plan now, so that you’re prepared when the devil attacks.

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