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Life Group Discussion Notes
Sermon: Isaiah 55 - God's Invitation
Everyone is encouraged to bring a Bible (Phone apps are good for reading together in the same translation. Study Bibles help with interpretation.)

1. Icebreaker question: What are your hopes for your life in 2022? For the world?
2. The sermon looked at Isaiah 55 and the invitation from God to discover true satisfaction in Him. What do you remember about each of the main points? What stood out to you or impacted you?
3. Which point do you need to apply most in your own life?
4. Review: Read Isaiah 55:1-13 together
a) Whom does God invite to come eat and drink in abundance?
b) What does God ask in return for the abundant provisions He offers?
c) What does it mean to take God up on his offer? In other words, what is it that He is actually offering and how do we obtain it? (vv. 2-3)
d) How does God contrast His thoughts and ways with ours? (55:8-9) How should this affect our desire to hear His voice?
e) How is the message of God’s Word like snow and rain? (55:10-11)
f) What is the effect of God’s Word? (55:11)
g) What description is given of a life that has been watered with God’s Word? (55:12-13)
5. Read the following verses: Psalm 42:1-2, Psalm 63:1, and Psalm 143:6
a) What were these psalmists thirsting for?
b) Does this seem strange to you, or do you feel the same way about God?
6. Read Psalm 23
a) What mental picture did David use to describe his relationship with the Lord?
b) Why do you think David used this metaphor? (see Psalm 78:70-72)
c) What does the Lord provide for His sheep?
d) What should Christians do if they feel they aren’t experiencing the promises of Psalm 23?
e) Which aspect of Psalm 23 do you need the most in your life right now?
7. Seek God together in prayer. Ask Him for help and pray for each other’s needs.