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FBG Church (First Baptist Church of Georgetown) is located in Georgetown, Texas.
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    1333 W University Ave, Georgetown, TX 78628, USA
    星期日 9:00 上午, 星期日 10:30 上午

Pastor Kevin Ueckert - Through faith in Jesus Christ, we are credited with righteousness. This justification has amazing results for us. We have peace with God and access to God and His grace. We are able to stand in God’s grace with Jesus’ status and Jesus’ favor. And so, we can and should boast in the Lord. We should be telling stories over and over again, stories of God’s good and faithful work in and through us for His glory. These kinds of stories of boasting in the Lord are just what the church and the world needs to hear.

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Year-to-Date 2021
Worship Center
Paid YTD - $118,965
Outstanding - $0

E3 Building Loan
Paid YTD - $198,513
Outstanding - $2,649,629

Land Loan
Paid YTD - $245,325
Outstanding - $247,027

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