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Past, Prayer, Present
Part 2 - Prayer in the present
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    447 Cape Rd, Westering, Port Elizabeth, 6025, South Africa
    Sunday 7:00 AM
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    Sunday 7:00 AM
Part 1 - Prayer looking back at the past

We need to create that regular, routine, habitual prayer time sets you up for probably the most powerful aspect of prayer.

Part 2 - Prayer in the present. Constant prayer… “pray without ceasing.”

Just look for the escape hatch! God promises that He will provide

Involving God in your decision making, straightens out your morals, gives credit to your convictions and highlights God’s greater purpose and the bigger picture of life.
We entertain unhealthy thoughts and motives and as soon as we have to verbalise them, we realise how absurd they are.
Prayer in Projection

When you’re in constant conversation with Lord, it’s going to change your anticipation of the future.

Without being thankful, without constant conversation, you’re going to project and return to the present with anxiety, worry, uncertainty and doubts.
“…but when I’ve looked at my past with thanks and seen how incredibly God has worked, I’m constantly reminded of how He is able to help in the present – well then I project to the future and return with faith and hope and a joyful expectation that the Lord will continue His work, that He will complete what He has started and He will always remain faithful…” - Warren Watermeyer.
REMEMBER: Prayer needs to be UTMOST and FOREMOST in our thinking.
The most important and the most often.

Constant prayer allows God to have our ATTENTION and our INTENTIONS!