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Rooted by Testimony
Revelation 12:11
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    Sunday 10:30 AM
In the Great Reassessment, many have chosen FOOLISHLY, or allowed FEAR to drive them down a course of choices that have effectively UPROOTED them from where God chose to PLANT THEM. (Both location and habit or process)
We grow UP when we put our roots DOWN
The fiercest attacks we face as believers are the LIES OF THE ENEMY.
Blood of the Lamb- Christ followers are freed from the power of Satan’s schemes and accusations by the personal sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

His shed blood was the price paid for our sin so that we could be 1) forgiven, 2) restored to a personal relationship with God, and 3) given the assurance of eternal life.
The word of our testimony disarms the Devil from being able to rob us of faith, even in the most difficult times of persecution and tribulation.
The Word of Testimony reveals who God is.
The Word of Testimony spurs us on to believe that God can do in our lives what He has done in the lives of others.
The Word of Testimony creates an expectation in our hearts for God to work according to His nature and for miracles of faith to occur.

After the Israelites crossed River Jordan, God instructed Joshua to have 12 priests take up 12 stones from the midst of the Jordan and lay them on a plain ground in public glare.

Bible Engagement Project

Hey! I’m so excited about the new Bible study resources we’ll be using for our Church. It’s all delivered on an app called Bible Engagement Project.
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