Continuing in our series called Lenses, we’ll be dealing with a very difficult and multi-faceted issue – race. Much of the strife the Church has experienced over the last few years is because we have people claiming the lordship of Jesus, but not operating with a Christian worldview on the issue of race. Lead Pastor Casey Scott’s message, “The Race Lens” will give us a broad sweep of what Scripture has to say so we’ll clearly see issues relating to race in our world like Jesus does.
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Casey Scott
Lead Pastor

Series: Lenses
Sermon: “The Race Lens”

Today’s Big Idea
Helping our community share God’s view on race is essential to ending the scourge of racism.

So how Does God see Race? Jesus has a perspective that we don’t, because he’s all-knowing. He can offer a “full-spectrum view” on race. When you think of the full spectrum of light waves, there’s all the colors of the rainbow, and then there’s light that we can’t even see! But Jesus can. So, I think he’d give us a “full-spectrum answer,” and it has five parts.
The biggest problem in this issue, the biggest barrier to solving our race issues is thinking that there’s more than one.
> Genesis 1:26–27
> Genesis 12:1–3
God’s plan of redemption through Jesus was ALWAYS about redeeming every people group on Earth. Jesus would say that if we could all just agree that there’s just one race – the human race, Adam and Eve’s race – it would solve a lot of our problems.
The second part of the spectrum is that skin color is not how God groups people.

> 1 Samuel 16:7
> Matthew 22:15–16

In Matthew 22:16, “Pay no attention to who they are” is literally, “to see into the face” – that was a first-century Greek figure of speech that meant to judge based on external appearances. Jesus doesn’t make distinctions based on externals.

“Race is a concept used to distinguish different groups of human beings. Distinctions are made according to a number of criteria, which always include physical appearance and its underlying genetic structure, but which may also include cultural, social, political and economic factors. This method of distinguishing people is quite alien to Scripture.”
~ Dictionary for Theological Interpretation of the Bible by Kevin Vanhoozer

The standard God applies to group people is not by appearance or genetics, because. . .
The third part of the spectrum is that we were designed to be diverse from the beginning to the end. In the Table of Nations in Genesis 10, NOTHING is said about appearance. God intended his ONE human race to be diverse, and when sin interfered and threw it off track, God wanted to make sure that part of His redemptive work means getting our perspective on this correct.
> Galatians 3:26–29
> Revelation 7:9–12
And when we get it out of whack. . .
The fourth part of the spectrum is that twisting God’s view of race just leads to pain and or shame. When we look at someone’s appearance as a means of evaluating them and their intrinsic worth, we violate God’s method of dealing with us on its most basic level.
> Isaiah 56:1-3
> Isaiah 56:6–8
God’s design for Israel’s worship was NEVER that it be racially exclusionary! There was always the intent to invite non-Jews (who were willing to commit to the exclusive worship of Israel’s God) to be fully participating members of the covenant community.
No distinction on an ethnic/racial level should ever be used to shame someone different than you. The Bible calls that sin.
Here’s the good news, and final part of the full-spectrum answer Jesus gives. . .
This phrase means that we are all on equal footing when it comes to our need for redemption.

> Ephesians 2:13–20

The Gospel of Jesus Christ, rightly understood and applied, will destroy racism!

“The Gospel is not something that merely sits on top of our identity. When we come to Christ, our identity is transformed completely.”
~ Fault Lines by Voddie Baucham

The Lord’s basis for grouping people is totally focused on their covenant relationship to Him and has absolutely nothing to do with the color of their skin, the place where they’re from, the language they speak, the amount of money in their pocket, or the history that they have.

As Christians, we are washed white by the red blood of a brown man who went to the blackest hell because He loves us.

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