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Rooted vs. Planted
Mark 4
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In the Great Reassessment, many have chosen FOOLISHLY, or allowed FEAR to drive them down a course of choices that have effectively UPROOTED them from where God chose to PLANT THEM. (Both location and habit or process)
We grow UP when we put our roots DOWN
God’s desire for your life and mine is that we would be strong, established, full of love, life, and blessing, and the only way that He’s made for that to happen is for us to be rooted.
The Kingdom of God is available to all who want to receive it.
LESSON #1 God’s work in our life depends on our OPENNESS

You HAVE TO come to a place where you are DONE WITH YOU and are ready to be BROKEN. THEN seed can enter and get ROOTED.

LESSON #2 God’s work in our life has to be a PERSONAL COMMITMENT.

Quick STARTS rarely result in good ENDINGS.
LESSON #3 God’s work in our life has to be our FIRST PRIORITY.

God cannot be A PRIORITY, He must be THE PRIORITY.
LESSON #4 God’s work in our life is an ongoing series of CHOICES.

Destiny is not a MYSTERY, Destiny is daily HABIT.

Show me your HABITS and I’ll show you your FUTURE.
To be ROOTED, one must:
1. HEAR God’s Word
2. ACCEPT God’s Word
3. OBEY God’s Word
4. TALK about God’s Word.

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