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The Incarnation: A Cascade of Epiphanies
Ryan Joslin, Director of Youth and Families
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The Incarnation: A Cascade of Epiphanies

As we exit the season of Christmas and look towards the New Year, we take a moment to contemplate the Incarnation of Christ. This weekend, Ryan Joslin, Director of Youth and Families, will preach on the prologue to the Gospel of John in hopes of exploring the magnitude of the Word becoming Flesh. Communion will be celebrated.

The Text in Context

Here is a commentary on today's passage by Elizabeth Johnson, who writes... "The God who created and loves this world understands the need and longing for physical presence. The Word became flesh and pitched his tent among us. God has always been present..." Click this link to read more
Sermon Outline:

What is the Word and Why is it Important?

The Shock of the Word Becoming Flesh

The Incarnation is not just the Birth but Christ’s entire Life

Epiphany and Self-Revelation of God in Christ

The Fullness of Christ

The Logos

Here is an overview of the different ways "Logos" has been used throughout philosophical history.

Divine Wisdom (Chokhmah)

Here is an overview of the Jewish theological ideas of Divine Wisdom, known in Hebrew as Chokhmah (pronounced khaki-maw). Special attention is given to the way Wisdom is personified in Proverbs.

A Book Review on Christ the Key

This is a book review on theologian Kathryn Tanner's book Christ the Key. It is a deep dive on Tanner's complex theological account of Christology and the Incarnation. This book review is recommended for folks who want a very academic snippet of a very academic and deep book.

The Christian Season of Epiphany

Here is a resource from the Presbyterian Church (USA) that provides various approaches to the season of Epiphany. It includes readings and prayers to meditate on.

1. How does your view of Christ change when you consider his life and ministry as part of the incarnation? Did you think of his life in this way before? How has your view changed?

2. How does God directly revealing one self through Christ affect your ideas of who God is? How does it affect your understanding of God's revelation today?

3. How, as a community, do we let the transformative power of the incarnation guide God's call to action as a church? How, as an individual, do you let the transformative power of the incarnation guide God's call on your life?

1. We should look at the incarnation at its most shocking and disruptive in hopes of realizing the transformative and grace filled power of the incarnation. /// Prayerfully consider what the incarnation means for Christian faith.

2. We should seek not to reduce Christ to just his birth, death, and resurrection but look to take Christ’s entire life as it impacts our faith. /// Read a few passages of Christ's teachings and ministry this week, how does viewing his ministry as incarnated change how you view his death?

3. As a community, we should be encouraged to sit with the tension of God revealing Godself through Christ, to inform our understanding of God today. /// Take 5 minutes each day this week and meditate on how Christ reveals God to us, does this affirm or challenge your understanding of God?

Join StoneBridge January 8 and 9 when Pastor Jon will continue his message series in the Gospel of Matthew. This next, four week installment will highlight the similarities that connect Moses and Jesus.

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