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When you move there’s a moment of clarity and terror that you realize you need to decide what stays and what goes (or get sold) because you realize it’s ridiculous to think you need to take it all. If this is true of stuff, what about life? What is that you value enough that you want to take with you vs what are you completely ok with leaving or giving away? Join us as we kick off our New Year’s series GR-ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT where we learn how to grow in contentment.
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ICE BREAKER: What have you committed to improving or doing this year? Will this be easy or what will be challenges to achieving the outcome you desire. (This can be a point to pray with and for one another.)

1. What would be (if any) your highest concern in fully deciding to follow JESUS more intentionally in 2022? What would you say has to change to insure you not reverting to old thoughts or habits?
2. Why do we as a culture, seem to give into worry so naturally? How has, if it ever has, worrying ever benefited you, or someone you know/love?
3. When forced to consider how God cares for nature, and our place in the creation story, how should that help to lower your own personal anxieties? (read Matt. 6:25-30)
4. Who is it that you know and trust with any/everything regarding you/your life? Why?
5. How does Paul articulate knowing Christ, is the difference maker in living out our faith? (read Phil. 3:7-10)