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MPCC 5th-8th Grade Student Ministry
Jesus completes God's plan. | Good Things
This week, we'll learn how Jesus completes God's plan as we study Malachi 3:1-2; Mark 1:4-8; and Matthew 1:21-23.
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  • MPCC 5678 YouTube Channel
    Sunday 10:15 AM


We're glad you're joining us! 🙏💬❓ Have a moment you want to share with us or a prayer request? Or would you like us to connect with you personally this week? Use this link to connect!
The last puzzle piece or the last LEGO brick...
Jesus came to rescue us from sin, to restore what is broken with us and God and us and other people.
If you haven't been baptized, we would challenge you to:
-Check out Starting Point video. (coming soon on our YouTube channel)
-Learn who Jesus is.
-Learn why Jesus came.
-See how much you need his gift.
-Talk with your parents about baptism.
If you have been baptized, we would challenge you to:
-Have an honest talk with God about your relationship with Him.
-Heal a broken relationship with a person (family, friend).
-Bring someone to church or talk with them about Jesus.
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