First United Methodist Church - Stuttgart
Have A Mary Christmas, Part 2
Sermon Notes
Locations & Times
  • First United Methodist Church
    307 E 4th St, Stuttgart, AR 72160, USA
    Thursday 9:10 AM
“Holy Spirit, I want to hear you speak to me like Mary did. Give me a holy anticipation for the Christmas gift contained in your Word. Open my ears, my heart, and my mind, so that I would marvel, receive, and use this gift as you intend. Amen.”
· God still speaks to people through an ______________ .
· God still speaks to people today through the ______________.
4 questions to ask while reading the bible:
1. What does what I’m reading tell me or imply about God?
2. What does what I’m reading tell me about humanity and/or
3. What does God want me to hear, right now?
4. And if I believe this, what is an appropriate response for me?
• God still speaks to people today through the _________________________.
1. State the issue or question in writing.
2. Share that with several godly Christ.
3. Have each person report back to you in writing.
4. Look for consensus on the matter.
Application and Table Talk
(Share your responses with another to get full impact.)
· What’s the Yahweh take away? What do you think God wants YOU to hear AND do?
· If you believe this to be true, what would be an appropriate response? Will you, do it? And if so, when?