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The Cross of Christ
Paul is leaving his readers to consider the cross of Christ as the only thing worth boasting in. Ultimately, like the believers in Galatia, all believers today are left to decide if we will live to the law and for the praise of people, or if we will live by God’s grace and for the glory of God. These two ways of living are directly opposed to each other, and lead us to living two very different ways of life. -------------- Do you ever feel like you are shackled and chained to the never-ending pursuit of things that are supposed to be life-giving only to realize they are lifeless and leave you feeling empty in the end? Join us on a journey through the book of Galatians where you will meet Jesus and discover the life-giving reality of the true gospel. The true gospel has the power to break the chains of sin and self-righteousness that lead to death and give life and freedom to those who live by faith in Jesus Christ. Not the kind of freedom that allows us to live however we want, but a freedom that helps us to live the way God wants. In Christ, we have been set free to live free!
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Boasting in Yourself (v. 12-13)
Boasting in the Cross of Christ (v.14-16)
Challenge: Religion is humanities way to God through works-righteousness, morality, and religious activity. God’s way for humanity to be reconciled to Himself is by His grace through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ because of the work He accomplished for us on the cross. The cross represents the only way to be made right with God. Have you experienced the saving grace of God in your life? Can you say with confidence that you have died to the world and that Christ lives in you? Are you a new creation in Christ? Can you boast in the cross of Christ and what it has done for you? If you are a Christian, then embrace the truth that grace is both the way to life and the way of life!