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Family Advent Devotional - Day 21
We hope you will enjoy this devotional with your family or loved ones as you prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus!
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The purpose of this devotional is to help prepare you for the celebration of the birth of Jesus. You may do this as your own quiet time, but we would encourage you to gather some family or loved ones to go through it together.
Jesus was exalted to the highest place. He was above every name. Everything in heaven and earth was to bow to the name of Jesus. Why then, would Jesus choose to leave that? Why would He volunteer to go?

If I were to talk to Jesus about Christmas, it might go something like this:

D e c e m b e r M o r n
You traded peace for war, a throne for hay.
Communion with the angels, for no place to stay.
Your mother Mary knew, You traded Heaven for earth.
Salvation for the world would be delivered by Your birth.

Why did You come?
Why did You die?
How could You look at Your Father and find the strength to say goodbye? How did You go?
How did You know,
that hope would be born? December morn.

You left it all behind, despite from where You came.
You knew the precious price, though You were not to blame.
While wise men sought you out, others tried to keep you down.
Once worshipped, now hated, lifted up, then beaten down

From the Crown of life to a crown of thorns.
From fellowship to loneliness, You chose to be born.
You knew the ending of the story.
You knew the power of the cross.
Your struggle would not beat You.
It was beaten by Your never ending love for the lost.

That’s why You came. That’s why You died
It’s how you looked at Your Father and found the strength to say goodbye. With all that You know, You still chose to go.
So hope would be born.
December morn

As you looked at your Father and found the strength to say goodbye,
You thought of me. How could it be?
You knew that hope would be born.
That You would wear a crown of thorns.
That the veil would be torn.
You knew You had to go, to save the world,
To be born, on December morn.

I give you all the glory
I give you all the glory
I give you all the glory Christ, the Lord

Why would Jesus give up perfection to come down to earth and all the bad stuff that awaited Him? In a word – YOU. Christmas is a picture of how much God loves you and the price Jesus was willing to pay to make a way for your salvation. His sacrifice paved a way for your path to Heaven.

Let’s appreciate that gift this Christmas.
-Doug Hood, Worship Pastor

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