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Sermon Notes: 11.21.2021 All I Want for Christmas
Sunday Experience 11.21.2021 Speaker: Fred Pierce
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  • City of Light Church
    Saturday 11:30 AM
  • City of Light Church
    6725 W Burleigh St, Milwaukee, WI 53210, USA
    Saturday 11:30 AM

Thanksgiving this week. Christmas is RIGHT around the corner.

What is the best gift of the year?
#1 Weighted Blanket
#6 IPod Pro
#7 Air Fryer
"All I Want for Christmas" Series

-to help us reprioritize what's important this Holiday Season
Essential Growth Areas (4 Food Groups)
i. Consistent Bible Reading
ii. Prayer/Worship lifestyle
iii. Building Relationships (Community)
iv. Generosity - use of time, talents, finances
Two Reasons why speaking about finances is critical to all of our lives:

1. Jesus spoke more about money than any other subject.

2. Aligning our finances with God's heart helps local churches spread the Good News of Jesus throughout the world.
What legacy do you want to leave?

Is what you are doing now going to help you get there?

Our greatest need isn't finances, it's FREEDOM.
You can't serve God and Money.
Money promises to get you everything you want without the need for FAITH.
Do you believe Jesus for salvation? Healing? Deliverance from challenges?
If Jesus is honest about one thing, He is honest about all things.

Whatever has your heart has your future.
Jesus' disciples taught about money, too.
Money reveals to you what you value.

Generosity is a teacher to show us what we should value.
God doesn't need your money. He wants your heart.

The way to your HEART is through your MONEY.
If our entire experience of God is what He's done for others and not what He has done for us... we are missing out.
Next Step:

Take an hour this week and look at your budget or your statements from the past month.
What are they telling you about your priorities?
Next Step:

Join a cGroup discussion group!